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adski01 says:

Is Mark on Helium in this video?

Robert & Sarah Cross says:

Always the sampler!!! 100% ?

Em Fo says:

Damnit give me more masters coverage Mark!!!

Mark Blair says:

Is that Ray or Charles Manson sharing your house. Come to think of it, I've never seen the two of them in the same room. Get out while you can!

Matt Perry-Parker says:

nice Whip gents !

Nick Hough says:

A bit of liquid refreshment had been taken by the end of that vid, either that or Mark was on the helium again! 🙂

headdownharris says:

The very one n only RAYMONDOUS. mR. Raymondo iron strike. ma dawg!

headdownharris says:

LOL. Coach is hilarious,…. today.

TheEpicPye says:

Anyone else notice Mark and Matt had inhaled some helium in the last section of the vid

Hacker golf says:

missed the opportunity to say Jesus take the wheel, when ray was driving

ThatGuy Mike says:

If golf doesn't work out for Rory he could always be a double for mankind the wrestler ?

tr0dddd says:

lockey is hilarious.

earlyreefer says:

p.s. next time you are on the U.S. west coast please do a vlog at Bandon Dunes, please please…

earlyreefer says:

I could sure use a bit-o-that swag….wink wink

Vishal Shah says:

Why are your voices so high after 3:29 ?

Billy Joel says:

Augusta braaaaaaaaaaahs

Luke AC says:

Can't you vlog on the course?

Jonny Dempsey says:

Aww they're all so happy 🙂

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