ONE CLUB CHALLENGE…it almost BROKE ME! Gleneagles PGA Course

In this one club challenge I take to the PGA Course at Gleneagles armed with only a 7-iron and a can do attitude!!!
I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone at Gleneagles for letting me loose with just one club on an amazing course. Especially Andy and Karen for your brilliant hospitality.


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19 thoughts on “ONE CLUB CHALLENGE…it almost BROKE ME! Gleneagles PGA Course

  1. Looks like he's found a new way of replacing divots too. Just step on the edge of it like he kind of gives a shit but not actually sand it, replace it, etc. Ribbing aside, nice video. One club rounds are a great walk. Super relaxing game.

  2. Awesome video! really enjoyed it. Have an idea for a challenge for you and Rick shields to do together. Something me and my brother play. We call it random club you write all your clubs in your bag on shreds of paper and on every shot you draw a club and have to play it. Really fun way to use every club in your bag! Would be an awesome thing to watch y'all try! Love the Chanel. Look fwd to more videos

  3. i played a one club challenge with a friend and i birdied on the first hole (par 5)…..was a bit anticlimatic so we just continued the round after that hehe 😀 (used a 6iron)

  4. Love it. Playing with one club is so much fun. It makes you think your way around the course and learn how to score. It's how Bubba practices and he won 3 times last year. Saying something.

  5. Thing is. You'd have been close to level if you used a putter on the greens – didn't really catch any breaks when putting. Interesting to watch.

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