The best greens I've EVER, EVER, EVER seen! Pro-Am Al Mouj Golf Club in Oman

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The best greens I've EVER, EVER, EVER seen! Pro-Am Al Mouj Golf Club in Oman.
In this video we look at the best greens I've ever putted, or as you will see best fringes and fairways!!

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allo cromeau says:

now you need to tell Taylormade to make another awesome staff stand bag or TMX stand bag man…..really such awesome bags man

Eric Sutherland says:

Loved having a little tip put into the middle of the video! Very quick but very useful. Tight lie chips is a very difficult yet important shot to know how to play

ramon moreno says:

Unbelievable course great looking fairways and green. Also great tip on how to use the bounce on tight lies.

Simon Weston says:

Claw grip now? Seeing improved stats or are you just dabbling into something different?

TheParchisi says:

Gotta love all that oil and natural gas money!!! Wonder whats going to happen to those countries once the supplies dry up or demand eventually wanes.

Johnny Mullins says:

I believe for his irons he has the P 760

Jason Stiwald says:

I wish for old times sake, you guys would do a true course vlog with Rick and Matt… seems like when Carter moved, those all stopped.

Mark Bailey says:

Looks amazing you are very lucky guy Peter ?

Daniel Parham says:

New clubs look really good in the bag there Pete. Only thing that would look even better is the fox headcover back I really liked that. What do you think of the new clubs though? I'm looking to get some new clubs pretty soon but not sure what to get.

Steve Turner says:

You havnt played in the good ole us of a evedently!


Great vid Pete ??

Josh Dreamville says:

Ahhh some p760s I assume or p770 but most like 760s I love my 770s great irons

reuk says:

Well played Pete!

Mike Austin Fan says:

Taylormade is not going to be happy seeing you carrying a Ping bag.

barry glynn glynn says:

Green with envy!

Joseph Newcomb says:

I spent over an hour on the sim at my grad schools gym just working on stuff similar to what you said and actually finding consistent partial shot distances.. first time I’ve dived that deep in it. So hopefully it shows on the course when it finally gets warm here in the Midwest USA

Ed Taylor says:

Looks like fabulous course

Wes B says:

Im suprised Pete is still carrying his Ping bag. Pete you need to talk Taylormade into making you a bad ass Ryder Cup themed bag like your Ping!

Sp!cyman says:

Simply lovely.

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