Open Special Course Golf Lesson Part 2

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Open Special Course Golf Lesson Part 2 with Mark Crossfield and James Dimond at the amazing Dawlish Warren Golf Club Links. Watch as the two professional golfers play some links style golf and talk you though what they are thinking and doing on the golf course. Improve your tee shots, irons shots, pitch and putting with AskGolfGuru PGA professional golf videos. This is part 2 of the Open Special golf vlogs Mark has made at the links turf golf course Dawlish Warren Golf Club.

30 thoughts on “Open Special Course Golf Lesson Part 2

  1. Loving the course videos Mark, and great stuff with the split screen action
    shots! Also nice to see a familiar sight, the dry and scrubby links type
    courses that are all around me. Keep up the good work with the videos.

  2. I need to watch it again, but if memory serves, James took an 8i from the
    tee at 147 with a cross wind and left it short of the pin. On the following
    hole, he ended up 146 for his second shot with another cross wind, and yet
    elected to go with the 9i coming up short again. Hmmm

  3. You guys make it look so bloody easy!!!! and by the way I have three putted
    from where you guys are using the term “I’ll give you that!” Hahahah

  4. Absolutely love these on course videos. More importantly, I learn from
    listening to your pre-shot comments in terms of what distance you believe
    you have, what club you are hitting, “cutting it into the wind” to ride it
    the correct distance, etc. Amazed that James would hit an 8-iron off the
    tee on a Par 4 – can’t remember ever doing that in my life, which is why I
    am such an amateur. Loved hearing Mark point out the bush before hand, as
    his target line for the 3-wood shot. You’re good!

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