Open Special Course Golf Lesson Part 2

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Open Special Course Golf Lesson Part 2 with Mark Crossfield and James Dimond at the amazing Dawlish Warren Golf Club Links. Watch as the two professional golfers play some links style golf and talk you though what they are thinking and doing on the golf course. Improve your tee shots, irons shots, pitch and putting with AskGolfGuru PGA professional golf videos. This is part 2 of the Open Special golf vlogs Mark has made at the links turf golf course Dawlish Warren Golf Club.

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Oliver King says:

He loves the black bannana

ghurra says:

Fairly sure he’s playing the mp69’s.. the 2 iron is some chunky iron..
maybe a m4

Conor Flaherty says:

I have played links course and the fairways have been green and definitely
not burnt

robinsonji73 says:

Good vid that one. Nice split screen editing effects. Two good strikes off
the tee there also. Keep these coming please.

Kertigen1 says:

What hdcp are these guys? I’d be happy to hit half the good shots they do.

Scott Harness says:

Loving the course videos Mark, and great stuff with the split screen action
shots! Also nice to see a familiar sight, the dry and scrubby links type
courses that are all around me. Keep up the good work with the videos.

ManupNgrowapair says:

I need to watch it again, but if memory serves, James took an 8i from the
tee at 147 with a cross wind and left it short of the pin. On the following
hole, he ended up 146 for his second shot with another cross wind, and yet
elected to go with the 9i coming up short again. Hmmm

MardyBum100291 says:

Check you out with your TW14’s Mark! Stylish bugger!

shin gil hwang says:

you are fantastic. eu gosto de voce muito, mark!!! god bless you and all
your fellows !!!!

3rdgroove says:

They are pros – so they play off 0.

Brian Kuipers says:

No need to replace your divots there..

MaJo DiuLi says:

love james iron and swing

TheStagmeister says:

You guys make it look so bloody easy!!!! and by the way I have three putted
from where you guys are using the term “I’ll give you that!” Hahahah

Brendon Spencer says:

Love watching your on course videos… hope you do a lot more…I was
wonder what wood do you play

icecreamania says:

I’d use yellow golf balls at this course. It so dry to the point it’s
almost.. white!

Tommy Solis says:

Lol they’re not handicapped

MizunoIronMan says:

Saying 1 when the ball falls off the tee, GCW ! 🙂

troy taylor says:

they are pro.

9tube1 says:

Absolutely love these on course videos. More importantly, I learn from
listening to your pre-shot comments in terms of what distance you believe
you have, what club you are hitting, “cutting it into the wind” to ride it
the correct distance, etc. Amazed that James would hit an 8-iron off the
tee on a Par 4 – can’t remember ever doing that in my life, which is why I
am such an amateur. Loved hearing Mark point out the bush before hand, as
his target line for the 3-wood shot. You’re good!

James Snider says:

Awesome Mark! Love these videos, keep them coming!

foshizzelman says:

how do you hit this shot that tiger hit

Bryson Waggoner says:

Great video

chad v says:

is there any grass in the fairway? Just looks like dead grass.

Andy Bellamy says:

Links courses in Lytham do not look like this I assure.

StankPunatra says:

Don’t be afraid of the driver mark, embrace it, lol

JeffroBizzle says:

Y does the guy in the thumbnail look like a giant

NC2871926 says:

Shocking course condition even for links! Birkdale, S&A, Lytham, Hoylake
look nothing like this

William Johnston says:

James should do an in the bag video. Interesting to see what clubs he uses

jppongo06 says:

great video again! Love the different camera angles!

cttshredder says:

Mark these on course videos are the best. Loving them! Keep it up!

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