Orlando Special Monday Night Golf Show

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Orlando Special Monday Night Golf Show
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Brain Taaffe details
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Rick Shiels PGA says:

Orlando Special Monday Night Golf Show Ft @PFGolfPro + a guest US Pro
#180PW #Orlando #Florida #HoleInOnes

Kevin Boudreau says:

Thanks Rick and Pete. Brian is a very knowledgeable guy!

rosenlefty12 says:

so is brian carrying his driver 365+ with ease? has brian ever played any
tour events, be it web.com, pga, or state tour events?

Michael Rolton says:

Having heard Rick and Pete, I would like to say sorry to all those who live
in the North. It must be awful for you.

Peter Rodriguez says:

Just wanted to say thanks for answering my question on pros playing under
pressure. Also the videos from pga show week were fantastic by you and +Peter
Finch Golf . Continue the great work

Martin Moore says:

Great video guys. Brian was a great addition and knows his stuff. Good
rapport between you all. 

Jarred Himmelrich says:

Rick I have been playing for about 3 months now and I have a problem. At
first I couldn’t hit very well at all and then one day I started hitting
straight and over 200 each drive. Now I have been playing every other day
and my hands feel broken by the end. I try playing through it and I just
cant do it. Am I gripping wrong, gripping to hard, or what. I love golf but
I do not think I can keep playing if my hands keep hurting. Do you have any
advice for me? Anything could help. Thank you for your time.

HeidisBrother says:

Loving this trip to our country guys…looks like you’re having fun. Brian
needs to get a YouTube channel going ASAP!

Mark Woods says:

Hi Rick and Peter,
Happy you guys are enjoying your time here in the states. You both must
feel like kids in the candy store. Don’t throw our back testing all of the
new clubs available at demo day.

jumpmanDOM says:

I know I was someone comment this on one of your instagrams but if you’re
still in Orlando you should to a course vlog on the Fantasia gardens
fairway mini golf course. A lot of fun and not what you’d expect from mini

MulliganMilesTv says:

will it be possible for you to launch this on itunes? certainly adding
something unique to that platform seeing that there isnt anything of value
golf related there, and comes in very handy listening through phone.

jbss7382 says:

Rick Shiels PGA and Peter Finch, you guys are hilarious! Just wish we could
ALL get to do what you guys do! More! Encore!!

Golfing Idiots says:

Very jealous watching this vid… Warm winds, green grasses and Florida
blue skies. Enjoy it down there in the Sunshine State.

Chris Longley says:

i’ve put alot of practice in on the course recently +Peter Finch Golf haha 

Scott HD says:

i always have to go make myself some coffee i can’t watch you guys drink
some without getting some myself.. lol

Dianne Fales says:

The golf info is great, but I’m really enjoying you making fun of us! Rick,
I noticed you are pronouncing schedule in Americanese

Alan Mills says:

Great vid.

Rob S says:

While at the trade show please get us a first hand look at the new Ben
Hogan 15’s!!!

Jason Warwick says:

Haha swear you guys are on a caffiene buzz

Darren Cohen says:

another great show boys! Thanks for the entertainment as always! 

Brian Tierney says:

Enjoyed listening to the three of you. Brian is a nice guy and enjoyed
listening to him answer the viewers questions. Keep up the good work,

Cheifio says:

Great show guys. The quality of questions and answers has been the best
yet. Think you need to sign up Brian added a lot to the show. Looking
forward to more vids from Florida.

tim dibble says:

I can see a new team signing for BT if they win the golf from Sky.

Mike from Louisiana says:

This guy was a great add to the show! Really like him being there!! #USA!!!

Taeyoon Lee says:

Great vid guys

Adam Melvin says:

Great vid

Ben Crinion says:


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