6 Steps How To Swing The Golf Club For Beginners

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How would you like to start the golf swing correctly? What are the proper steps to a golf swing? For those looking to have complete, smooth swings, this video on 6 Steps How To Swing The Golf Club For Beginners is for you. We have the golf swing and your total game broken down to the 5 most important keys in our Top Speed Golf System. In this video we'll cover the 6 Steps on how to swing the golf club, while improving key fundamentals! Start having real control of your game. Be able to hit any shot in golf! We’ll teach you.

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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Hải Linh says:

Steps 1 2 3 easy, 4,5,6 very hard

Joel Polanco says:

Great video! Thanks.

le_Arn aka arnel from Teresa Rizal. says:

Wow sweet video, I subbed and am look forward to learning more from your tutorials.
Newbie to this sport and can't wait to get out to the driving range!

Jose Moreno says:

Thank you Robin. I'm currently enrolled in the series. I dont seem to be able to get to position #3. Is that ok, and if so , how should i start the downswing? Pushing down on my left foot, or pushing up with the right foot? Thank you, Jose.

eddy1367 says:

Split screen is wonderful…..

DaGoofSta says:

Great Video, most videos are no where near as descriptive as yours, and its nice you explain why your body is in the position it is

Larry Edwards says:

I’ve been watching many videos before I try my luck at the range and course, and this is by far the most informative one I’ve seen. Great job, and thank you.

Rooster Cogburn says:

I’ve never swung a club, so I have no clue if this is right… but the split-screen, slo-mo, graphic overlay and multiple single-scene replay was all SPOT ON. You’re a natural teacher.

Bhaskar Khadka says:

Cheers for the Video clip! Apologies for the intrusion, I would love your initial thoughts. Have you heard the talk about – Paneevelyn Swinging Clubsman (should be on google have a look)? It is an awesome one off guide for revealing an effortless golf swing technique without the headache. Ive heard some awesome things about it and my m8 at very last got excellent success with it.

Rashid Minhas says:

good and beautiful

Rashid Minhas says:

very nice waris

Don't Bet on It says:

If beginners want to lower their scores they should hit a 3 wood off the tee and learn how to hit a green from 100 yards out. Also spend 2/3 of their practice time chipping and putting.

Ron Briggs says:

what are your eyes concentrating on throughout the swing i never seem to be able to see the ball come of the club any tips ?

Joe Griggs Jr. says:

okay, my 1St practice of the week was with pitching and chipping and I incorporated the take away with the club inline with the alignment stick on the ground. I know it's stupid to ask if I should do this when I know I was pitching and chipping very well from 3 different distance stations and only spanked 3times with two rounds do per station and hitting 60 balls each time. I realize before I was taking the club back with my hands only and instantly hinging causing me to take it inside too much. is this right to do? don't call me a dummy, but u can say "did, if it works." haha

N Roma says:

This helped me so much! Haven't played in about a year and half. After practicing this drlll, I was hitting long and straight. Thanks

Robbie 837 says:

Great information and drills with great delivery.

Beverly Shaffer says:

Thanks!! Very helpful!!

Greg Clissold says:

I personally got a lot out of this video – primarily around the maintenance of the set up triangle during the swing, the setup of lag, maintaining connection. I too am in the process of applying to my swing GC

Ivey Fisher II says:

I like the video but you need to realize that everyone can’t have 120 degree shoulder turn in their backswing nor point they’re right shoulder at the target after impact. Some people have had back injuries or just not that flexible.

Rob Scherer says:

Do these moves all apply to the iron swing as well? I noticed you only used your driver in this video. Obviously with the driver there is a spine title to hit a bit more "up" on the ball…

amfohr says:

Sometimes you think what is happening is not really happening. Eg at 8:00 trough impact is not really a triangle, in fact the elbows are pretty separated. There are drills with a small ball between the lower arms and also Hogan pictured the lower arms together but in practice it did't happen. Maybe later after impact the arms getting pulled together more.

The Middleman says:

Finally a video that breaks down the swing in such an easy way and with a drill that I will definitely be doing everytime I go to the driving range.

for the love of tech too says:

Top help even for long time players clears thoughts ie easy to follow check points ?

fontking1a says:

Impact postion? Club slightly delofted with a driver? Hmmm???? Seriously????

La Ji says:

Very helpful! Going to practice this PM

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