Paige Spiranac: Alignment Sticks Golf Tip

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Grabon79 says:

это уже целый бильярд получаеться с указками а не гольф учение

Grabon79 says:

я хочу такие шарики к себе в мошонку а то мои такие маленькие а эти твои то что надо

Chazz Nixon says:

I clicked on this for help but like I didn’t even listen I would fuck her so hard

David Cole says:

Sorry I was distracted and didn't hear a single thing she said..


"Most people comment on my alignment sticks" – a psychological state of denial.

dijin456 says:

I couldn't concentrate..I'd shoot 130 on the front 9..

Rocco Gant says:

she's PERFECT…..LOOKS…..LUNGS…..LEGS…….and dude that fukks her should have his dikk cut off…..she was created to be eaten……and with those lungs, she could easily feed twins…..wish I was one of them…..
just rmember, when we colonize MARS, send her DNA so the bitches will look like her…..
and, I wanna be her perpetual tampon …….till the end of time…….

Andriansyah BSB says:

Dont care what she said, but i love to watch this video?

Cocoliso Osilococ says:

I´d lick that

Tom Carroll says:

So complicated to set this up. Thanks for the tips!!

E. Collins says:

Unlike other practice videos, I just felt really focused for this one

Tim Sebastian says:

Shes got my stick aligned! Lol

Ian Ryder says:

Yeah, everyone comments on her alignment sticks

Thomas says:

no idea what she said… but i like it

Rocco Gant says:

I would go down on her even during leak week …….

Don Mayfield says:

Didn't other clubs in the bag work for this in the 1960s?

Jpgundarun says:

Alignment cleavage?

R.K says:

Page, pls stop giving tips when you are not a top professional or certified coach?

Music Lover says:


antigonish63 says:

Paige is nothing if not perfectly aligned.

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