Personal Milestones: How to Drive a Golf Ball 225+ Yards

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The average male golfer only drives the ball about 215-220 yards, so this video should cover about 60% of all golfers. Some may not be impressed that I'm demonstrating such short distances, but there are so many golfers, especially senior golfers, who would be thrilled to get it out there with more distance.

Yes the title is not sexy and a bit underwhelming, but in it I show you the key points and requirements of driving a golf ball 225 yards or more. It's easier than you think!

I'd love to see you move from video to video is this series which means you have gained 25 or more yards of increased distance.

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Methodic L says:

Your condescending laughter is really off-putting.

Kerry Flitter says:

If I put the ball up with my left foot, there's no way I can get at it from the inside. Starts left and hits a high fade every time, no distance at all. And if its into the wind, well, I can just walk forward and right and catch it coming down!

Bob moon says:

Are you saying at say 85 mph you can fly the ball 225 yds with no roll

floG Golf says:

One other key to hit longer drives is to hit the sweetspot consistently. It's very hard to do with a 45 1/2" driver. Even shorten the shaft by 1" will help tremendously.
Love the Geek clubhead.

Ezell Wiggins says:

It was blowing my mind how slowly you seemed to be swinging and still getting 225 yards.
I"m definitely doing something wrong!

HachiZenki says:

I can hit it over 225 easily…..just not in a straight line. ?

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