Throw the Club OUT For Crazy Clubhead Speed!

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Mike Austin described the golf swing as an ‘under up and out' feel and movement. In this video we discuss the ‘OUT' portion which gives us more clubhead speed, superior angle of attack, square solid contact, and more.

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Tom Blue Raven says:

I'm definitely going to give this a try. . Makes alot of sense. I could use an extra 20 off the tee for sure.

hbyrdut says:

I hit the ball high with low spin. I hit up from 6 – 10 degrees. However, sometimes the spin is too low and the ball falls out of the sky. Usually a duck hook that costs me strokes. I know I can add loft to my driver, it's currently set at 7 degrees, but I don't want to give up the distance I gain from the low spinner. Do I just deal with the occasional drive that spins too low or do I find a happy medium with the loft setting on my driver? Or do I need to lower my attack angle without losing distance?

Dave Westfall says:

Some instructor's are now teaching to add weight to the club head to increase the swing weight which increases smash factor. Do you recommend C9 or D0 vs D4 or D5?

Rudy Gabo says:

This technique is dumb, and it creates more downswing inconsistencies. Top pro tour players do not use this technique at all.

chad schulze says:

talk about blending it with that drift move…no amateur does that right

Louis Pounds says:

Hi Steve love watching the videos please do videos on the other two parts of that too not just the out

Fred Lim says:

Mike Austin changed my game forever. I realized you can't ever throw the club early enough. Especially with the Driver and 3, 5, woods. (Well, you CAN but hope you know what I mean) Dragging the club is so detrimental to your swing. Try to hit a driver off the deck and 9/10 you will hit a slice. That means you are not releasing the clubhead early enough.

FireTrace says:

Enjoyed the video but need clarification. I'm right handed and of course, should obtain a right handed unit. However, you mostly demonstrate it using your left hand. Any grip issues with using either hand to practice with considering it'll be a right-handed grip?

Claude Vine says:

Talk too much get down to what your going to tell us about hitting the ball. Don’t need to here all the small talk.

James Lopiccolo says:

Man this is dangerous…. any decent player should avoid this release feel. The only player it will help is the high handicap slicer. No great ball strikers release the club this way. You will hit it further, yes. But you will hit it crooked and get worse over time. Not trying to troll at all but this should be qualified the type of player this is for and the risks of over doing it.

Mike Lesesne says:

I wonder if Tiger does this.?

Golf India VLOG says:

This in simple words is called maintaing the width !!

Randsurfer says:

So, you know very well a 515 yard drive involves all kinds of abnormal conditions, which you don't even mention, so why even talk about the 515 yard drive?

1cleandude says:

Couldn’t you drill a hole in a tennis ball, place a flat washer on end of shaft and get similar result?
Great lesson Steve thanks! Lovely range too!

Craig Wollman says:

This seems to counter two major things that are consistently taught. The first is forward shaft lean, and the second is a tight right elbow.

Interestingly, I’ve been trying to loosen up my wrists a lot, so coming across this video was a coincidence. Or serendipitous.. I guess I was always afraid that that whipping motion would cause more wild effects in my ball flight. But it definitely creates a more let relaxed swing. But timing is even more critical with loose wrists.

gmonkey808 says:

im fed up of hitting push shots. This may be the cure.

Chris Spivey says:

Great Video!!! I have been working on this for a year and all my friends are ASTOUNDED by my gain in distance!!!! And I am 20 + years their senior!! Best instruction of this concept I have ever seen!!!

JKP says:

I tried every trick in the book and never could drive farther than 180 yards, even in my prime years. Now at 64, I'm down to 150. I had to stop playing.

Crystal Davis says:

Thanks! Now it’s just a matter of applying this method on the course

B2B Bogey says:

I'm new to your channel. Find very informative. I tried this today and tried it before but I think backswing was not ok. Anyway throwing action o pushing out the club from you is another YT. A long driver from Sweden. Here is his video. In Swedish but you get watching his vid. It's self explanatory.

M. Thomas says:

thanks for posting these videos Steve


Steve thanks for clearing up the misconception created by Shauger on the use of the hands. Thanks for all your efforts in this last year to clear up for everyone the Mike Austin swing techniques. Keep up the good work!

Gia Murray says:

I’ve been watching your videos for a couple of months now. I want to thank you for explaining in a very easy to understand way all the tiny secrets that are thoroughly glossed over by many PGA instructors and of course the major golf magazines. I haven’t seen tremendous distance changes but my swing w both irons and driver is a lot free-er and so my grip is softer, anxiety is lower, confidence is improved. I have a speed whoosh and will practice this move. Thank you very much!

James Patterson says:

if you look at your instruction in slow are doing exactly what you say not to do..trail elbow leads the swing…I notice you never hit a ball with your casting motion

Oliver McKinley says:

I thought I sensed some Mike Austin action when I read the title. This all makes sense to me and has ever sense I started watching Mike on YouTube. I've got to try it.

E. G. Flores says:

What the name and address of your facility in Moorpark?

Concordeagle says:

Seems like the would cause you to flip the club before impact, would have been good to see a face-on full swing to see hand motion.

David Dieter says:

Can’t wait to try this, thanks Steve.

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