Phil Mickelson’s best shots of the decade: 2010-19 (non-majors)

Check out some of Phil Mickelson’s best shots, from long drives to clutch hole outs and putts to win tournaments between 2010-2019 – excluding majors.


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30 thoughts on “Phil Mickelson’s best shots of the decade: 2010-19 (non-majors)

  1. Phil has been taking lessons from me on how to slice balls into impossible lies off the fairway. He was driving by and spotted me putting a smile on a ball from the shoulder of the highway (which, by the way, is not marked as out-of-bounds). Recognizing my talent, he took me on to learn how to make carefully crafted shots appear as innocent blunders while increasing his entertainment value as he makes another great escape.

  2. Mickelsons recovery shots remind me of slow running CFs great catches in centerfield….its all relative. Sure , Mickelson hits great recovery shots but he has to because Mickelson hit the ball there in the first place. When you see a slow CF, like Jim Edmonds, make a great diving catch its great but…if he were faster it would just be a regular catch

  3. The way Phil announces to the group of plugs in front he is coming through driver onto the green hitting the flagstick on a par 4 tap in eagle goodbye lads

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