Titleist TSR2 vs Titleist 910 D2 | Titleist Driver Comparison

The Titleist TSR2 driver features the latest technology in Titleist drivers, featuring a Multi-Plateau VFT face and improved aerodynamics that combine to deliver more speed and forgiveness. The Titleist 910 D2 driver, meanwhile, was first released over a decade ago and had been one of the most popular drivers in golf in the early 2010s.

In this video, 2nd Swing's Drew Mahowald and Taylor Ledwein conduct a head-to-head test featuring the new Titleist TSR2 driver and the Titleist 910 D2 driver. How far has Titleist driver technology advanced?

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18 thoughts on “Titleist TSR2 vs Titleist 910 D2 | Titleist Driver Comparison

  1. I moved from a 910d3 to a ts3 driver recently. I have more consistency with the ts3 driver, which would be expected as the 910d3 is 445cc but the lighter ts3 means that I genuinely lack feel in the head. To me, the lack of weight results in a reduced overall distance. With the 910d3 I can clearly feel a centre strike and the distances reflect that. With the ts3 , everything feels weaker. And the sound to me is awful.

  2. Been playing a 910d2 with a Diamana blue stiff shaft for a few years. I've compared it to new drivers over the years but never found anything worth spending the money. Decided to get fitted last month and over a couple visits, hitting the ball I use, the new TSR 3 was just great (better for me than the TSR 2). More ball speed, less spin, better dispersion. Super feel and sound. Got it with a stiff Hzdrus red CB shaft. Love it!

  3. 910 was more consistent and only 5 yards shorter? If it had a lighter shaft and the same swing speed it would have been really close on distance. The TSR line is really good but I'm a little surprised with the 910. It would have been nice to see the same shaft in both.

  4. It’s been years since the manufacturers reached the face limits for distance. Get fit…It’s the only way to gain yards along with lessons…

  5. Interesting – regular shaft a better choice? Enough difference to spend $599. This is a good video to highlight a used model to maximize swing – even Ts2 or Tsi and save some money!

  6. I had a custom fit at your DE location last week and TSR2 was the winner in ball speed, sound/feel and smash factor. 2nd place was Callaway Paradym. 3rd place was G430max which had better sound/feel than Paradym but not as good as TSR2. Custom ordered TSR2 on the spot w Hzdrs Red CB 6.0 50g shaft.
    This is my first Titleist driver in 30 years of golfing. Always played Ping, Callaway, Cobra and most recently TM 2016 M2 which was in my bag since 2021. M2 just couldn’t keep up, best shot vs TSR2s best shot I got 8.5 more carry yards.

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