OLD vs. NEW: We tested Ping’s G400 LST driver from 2017 against modern technology

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In this new video series called “The Modern Classics,” in partnership with 2nd Swing, GolfWRX’s Andrew Tursky tests out Ping’s old G400 LST driver from 2017 against his modern driver. We show the full results.

2nd Swing currently sells Ping G400 LST drivers for $339.99: https://www.2ndswing.com/golf-clubs/drivers/ping-g400-ls-tec-driver


Duke Pascoe says:

bought mine second market for 100 lol

Skidmarkzuckerberg says:

This comment is not specifically about the Ping G400 LST but more so an observation I have made with Drivers from the 2010's. New Drivers are not really worth the money when you're already gaming a top end club that is < 6-8 years old. Even more so with Drivers developed in the mid to late 2010's. I went from a 915 D2 Driver to a TS2 a couple years back and it was underwhelming to say the least. My 915 and TS2 perform exactly the same. Distances are within 5-8 yards of each other. Completely negligible for me. I was a bit let down that I spent so much on the TS2 at the time and it wasn't an improvement game-wise over my 915 D2 – it just looked newer. Mis-hits still do what they would do regardless. My buddy bought a brand new Paradym a few weeks back and I have spent a few range sessions trying that out. Still.. same results. I am hitting balls to within 5-8 yards of my regular distance and my mis-hit is still does the same. What here is worth $600 other than having a shiny new club in the bag? You can't buy a handicap.

I actually still game my 915 D2 mostly because I hit it so well, even better than my TS2. Over the years, I have advocated to friends to buy used clubs because the latest and greatest are mostly marketing. Not saying brand new modern clubs are shit sticks, I am just saying for the average golfer (most of us), getting clubs that are a few years old (and considerably cheaper) will not hinder you in anyway whatsoever. A $600 driver and $1300 set of irons won't magically change your swing.

William Biggs says:

Just picked a lefty up yesterday for $130. Excited to see it rip!

뭐고 says:

How can I buy g400 lst 8.5 head only? I’m leave in Indonesia 😊

V L says:

Why didn't you try loft it down for 1 shot?

Jose manuel Lopez says:

I got mine last month for $125 with a 55 gram X tiff Alta CB shaft. Love it, feels just right!

Michael Lim says:

Just got one on OfferUp for $100

Daniel McNally says:

I will never buy from second swing again way to high priced when the brand new is about 100 bucks or so more.

kinjay 21 says:

The g400 LST is not coming out of my bag anytime soon. Best sounding driver I've ever hit can't stand the carbon feel of the new drivers

quakecon2009 says:

I rate the g400 LST as the best driver of all time.
Its sounds amazing.
It looks good.
It goes far.
And it was out in what 2017?

I tested it against my g425 LST the other day and it did well, but I will probably stay with the 425 because its got more options and was lower spinning for me.
I need to test the 430 LST. In which case I would sell my 425, but I would never sell my 400LST.

We've had too many good memories to let her go to some hacker for £100.

I should also say I threw 15 other drivers at the 400 to try and better it over the years and she beat them all and I really respect it for that.

Jim Wocha says:

I have the g400 Max and it's a beast. Got a 9 degree head. Low spin, high launch. Just a great driver.

MrBrokentowels says:

Should have tried to optimize the club.

Fave Five Bets of the Week says:

I just paid $400 for a demo stealth. $340 is wild for an ancient driver

patrick snyder says:

Why does this feel like a mygolfspy knockoff video? Voice, transitions, and all lol

Jeff Nahass says:

I had an F9, made a 47” x stiff shaft and gave it to my son. I found the G400LST 8.5°, and love it. You can find them for $160-$225. Still goes 300yds. I’m good. I switch out different shafts based on wind.

I am looking for an M2 also.

C C says:

I had to put a 83 gram shaft in my old g400 lst

Grayd says:

Thats great, show attack angle.

Ian Shepherd says:

$339 per iron 😂 love it. Also $339 is insane I paid 300$ for a G425 from 2nd swing last year used. But yes the 400 is an amazing unicorn driver for sure.

C L says:

Can't hear what he's saying with how loud the music is. Unwatchable.

wagwanman says:

Given that your current driver is optimised for you, why didn't you optimise the G400 before the comparison instead of playing it at the default loft?

Jake Miller says:

G400 LST changed my whole game with the driver. I’m now a ping man. I’m not sure which I liked better though, The G400 LST or G425 LST. My G430 arrives in the mail Friday 😍

Sexiest Men Alive Podcast says:


Rob S says:

Love my G400 Max. I hit more fairways with it than anything else I’ve tried. I do wish they had lower lofted heads than 9 degree though.

Steve Shin says:

339$ for a five year old driver is insane… Pga superstore sells g425s for around that price.

Dave Neville says:

Uncle Cliff sighting 👀

funnyhattedman says:

music at the top is a bit loud compared to the intro commentary

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