Playing a hole with THE SWINGLESS golf club!

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Rick Shiels is attempting to make par on this 522 yard par 4 just using the SWINGLESS golf club.

What club should I use next?


Haundo421 says:

I think it’s a great invention for disabled golfers.

Netghost says:

I’m fairly certain by now someone has “sat” on one of these 🤦‍♂️

GM2401 says:

Couldn’t read a set of instructions if he was literally paid to

Sxwrz says:

Surely if he put his foot or something behind the head of the club more energy would transfer to the ball possibly making it go further, although he might shoot himself in the foot….. see what I did there

Elijah Miller says:

"How illegal do you want your clubs?"

Eric Castleberg says:

I would like to see if you could swing the club and pull the trigger so that you would get the doubling effect. Do you think that’s even possible??

Joey turner says:

Please swing it and pull the trigger

rockerseven says:

Tim used one on an episode of Home Improvement. Didn't know it was real lol

Mj says:

Imagine someone actually swinging this and using the explosion…400 yards

Asmodeus' Tundra says:

This could honestly bring golfing back for people who can't play due to medical reasons/injuries.

I bet lots of men with slipped discs would love to have a casual round of golf every now and then.

techgamer15 says:

assuming this is legal for people with disabilities, right?

asdasd asdasd says:

Thanks for the Link and name of the product, thanks for that

Emilio Pena says:

Isn't that cheating

Rick Suaz says:

Is this legal?? This is pathetic

Techtoc says:

Nah imagine mark rober making a giant version 💀

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