I Got Fit at The TaylorMade Kingdom | All New Clubs

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Huge shoutout to trottie for fitting me and sharing a ton of knowledge!

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Grant Horvat Golf says:

Huge shoutout to trottie for fitting me, I learned a ton!

Do you guys like the longer less cut footage?

Derek says:

Amazing how much of an advantage it is to have size and length. Barely looks like he's even swinging

Jonah Brandes says:

How does a normal person get fitted like this?? I think this would change anyone’s game

Me Just a normal guy says:

Donu u ever miss the zunos

Dislike Button says:

Trottie bouta lose his mind

hugo belleville fournier says:

I just got fitted 2 days ago by a canadian pga player thinking I would have an experience simmilar to this but…for 260$ I didint got much more then what I would have at golf town…Trottie is the real deal

Ace42 B says:

Do they do this for none PGA players? If so how much? 25,000 for a set of clubs ? Lol. This is awesome

sharkbiter32 says:

Does anyone know what shafts grant plays ? The actual flex and weight ?

Justin Smith says:

Trottie is the best!!!

Power Path says:

Start introducing yourself first and last name. You are official now bro!

nuznuz10 says:

Can I get a contact info for the kingdom?


Taylor Dunn says:

TaylorMade rocking out to Luke Combs! I love it

Dante Vincent says:

that swing is just so sweet !

Dan Sullivan says:

What irons?

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