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I am joined by 2 pro golfers Rich Woods and Elliot Bradley to play Remedy Oak which is my favourite golf course of all the courses I've played in the UK. We play a 9 hole stroke play medal in this course vlog round a very aesthetic layout…Enjoy


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Jason Ask says:

hi good to see you enjoying love watching y hitting big stick

will holman says:

Love seeing you and Houdini

MrDunna100 says:

Played Remedy Oak yesterday, absolute quality course and facilities, can see why it’s your favourite! You guys make it look pretty simple but there’s a lot of trouble out there for us hackers!

Brian Murray says:

Wow came out hard and fast at the beginning with the excuses. Nothing like hangover golf James 😂. Quality lay up on that 2nd😂

Ryan Little says:

I love in the intro one of the clips is James in the trees. Yup every 18 he does at least once 😉

Brent Walker says:

Looks like a fun course!

T Beck says:

Man that course looks amazing!

swardmusic says:

7:00 great hole design

Azhar Cassim says:

"Yeah, I think you would be okay over there"… said every golfer to their playing partner:)

Richard James says:

One of my long standing mates is a member at Remedy so have been lucky enough to play it a number of times – great seeing you striking it well and Rich and Elliot looking good.

Asher Daniel says:

Remedy Oak is my fav course always in great nick and always worth the drive from Coventry to play it

ToeKnee78 says:

Out with Gary in Exeter, living the dream

Jon Stacey says:

Lucky enough to have played remedy a few times. Millionaires golf for sure 😍

roger schuck says:

great looking course, interesting holes

Woden of the Angles says:

That track sure played tough that day.

Craig Gartside says:

Great video James, Remedy Oak just down the road from me but a bit pricey for a membership! Please tell Rich well played but change that bloody monstrosity of a putter!

Richard Marsh says:

I don’t know why you don’t want to hit the Cobra driver like every hole , how good does it sound !

Jim Dearman says:

8:03 🤣🤣 Next level lazy cracked me up!

Benny Frank the 3rd says:

Ah, a good old fashioned course vlog. Well played!

Chris J says:

Are you sporting a perm? A colleague was talking about them today making a comeback

Will Lloyd says:

Great vid James. Can I ask, the shot you played at 24:18, were you looking to draw the ball? You were aimed so far right

leon taylor says:

What a course that looks.. well played guys. Great vid dude xx

Thomas Whitcombe says:

Yes James! Loves a course vlog, those greens looked rapid! Unlucky with that bounce you had on that one chip ‘the shot that rich called and you played it exact’. Great 2 from rich as well, keep them vlogs flowing 👌🔥⛳️

justin lloyd says:

I watched this on a massive screen that course looks mint!

Tony m says:

Course looks awesome but James your short game needs work. Not putting you down just my view because we all know you can hit the ball.

valderja says:

What do you use to add the ball tracer line to your videos James?

valderja says:

Got to give that track a try some day. A couple of people I know said they loved it.

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