Every Feature of a $60 Million Backyard Golf Course in the Hamptons | Green Fees | Golf Digest

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In this episode of ‘Green Fees', world famous golf course designer Rees Jones takes Golf Digest on a tour of his beloved creation, the $60 million Three Ponds Farm golf course in Bridgehampton, NY. The 60-acre course features a barn, a grass tennis court, 18 holes, 4 greens, 3 fairways, a rose garden, a carriage house, a halfway house, pro shop, stocked wet bar, shoe locker, pinball machines, and a vintage Coke machine.

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Every Feature of a $60 Million Backyard Golf Course in the Hamptons | Green Fees | Golf Digest

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KBandz golf says:

I want to do this!! 💪

Neville Parker says:

Boy is he going to be disappointed with Heaven

John Doe says:

I'm guessing I cant afford his water bill. Probably has his own well.

John Doe says:

Making Tigers back yard looking weak.

Conor Mccaffrey says:

'The bunkers are fairly large, you can hit out of them fairly easily' – proceeds to show footage of two butchered bunker shots

reiko57 says:

i can play my local for a tenner at twilight mate , it has 18 greens, you got ripped off

rmoulton rmoulton says:

I love golf. A lot. Watch often and play as much as possible. But it's videos like this that remind how inaccessible this game really is. I know the PGA and lots of other people try really hard to get this game to more people, kids in particular, but I really wish this game would properly expand so the talent pool got even bigger.

ben jarmin says:

I put a bent grass raised green in my backyard once. That was pretty cool.

Nature is Calling says:

Sold…I have a spare 60 mil haha. What is the point if it doesn't make money. Garontee that becomes cookie cutter houses in the future

Captain Chuck says:

To make this better you make each green with holes in different places that are smoothed over, with cups in them and fake grass caps of course. The as you finish a hole you remove the flag to another place on the green then you always then you always have a trues 18 holes.

Buttdreads says:

Holy, This is freaking bad butt sheet.

Zachary Ferraro says:

Title is clickbait

ExphazedGames says:

60 million for 4 fairways what a rip off

KsX says:

Custom pencils, custom tissue, custom diapers, custom bottles… now that is worth the 60million$…

Drew Jenkins says:

2:57 – WOW! I've read about these things but never actually seen one in real life. INCREDIBLE!

Ty Noki says:

Gotta have that hand divot mix!

Bill Cosby’s Pill Bottle says:

The real question is…

What’s the green fee

colonel blake says:

im gonna come there and go all "falling down" on you.

The Daddy Fish says:

'An 18 hole course'

With 9 holes and you go round twice… so that's a 9 hole course then

Taylor Lowinger says:

This is an amount of wealth I will never understand. Good thing teachers like myself make hardly any money. My dream of owning my own mini country club is only a dream 👍🏼

Cody Hahn says:

Gee willikers.

PaxPdiddy says:

Omg pinball machines

caleb cotter says:

Just because you’re asking $60 million for it doesn’t mean it’s a $60 million golf course.

Vince McMahon says:

Whoever owns this has quarantine figured out.

Michael Talley says:

Why is this kind of thing celebrated when it is just another example of great wealth inequity in America?

Eats 4 Cheaps says:

This golf course cost more to make than all 8 of my local courses combined…

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