Tee to Green: Tiger Woods

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CoastaMonsta says:

More like the green back to the tee! Love this guy.

JayNews1998 World says:

Tiger Woods is the man

supersix84 says:

Tiger will probably never repeat his 2000 season. I think that was his peak
and expecting him to return to the best he’s ever played is unrealistic.
However, I could see him getting back into form a la 2005, which would be
more than good enough to beat Snead for total wins and Nicklaus for most

burk415 says:

I love reading these comments from 4 months ago saying that Tiger will not
be where is was in 2000… If only you could see the future before you talk.

Ethan Nicholson says:

Its only a mater of time.

SuperPakman99 says:

I think tiger is actually better than he was in 2000, but the competitions
in the tour has gotten a lot tougher and stronger

Austin Goetz says:

Oh my gosh! Look at Steve Marino’s facial tan line at :22

cgasucks says:

Lets face it…the Tiger 2000 Swing is way better than the Tiger 2012

J3ST3R1994 says:

the fact that his swing is (in my opinion) the best it’s looked in years
just shows that yes he is human, yes it will take a while for him to get
back to where he was confidence wise (confident tiger = winning tiger). I’m
a massive tiger woods fan and i don’t see him getting back to what he was
in 2000. But i still think he will win numerous times a year and will win
some majors. But hey this is my opinion.

WhiteMoneyMusic says:

I’m not hating, but your point is terrible. Of course he would shoot
terrible, he is not considered to be the best of all times. Tiger is, so
expecting him to show up during the weekend like he has time and time again
is not something to rant on about.

Powa Golfer says:

He never went he lost form due to the personal issues he had but because he
changed golf from a game to a sport all the players now are better than the
players when tiger first join the PGA tour!

Trey Brandt says:


Phil Williams says:

Well he changes his swing all the time.

Jimmy Boy says:

but he’s putting way better now…so not a bad trade-off

Alvin So says:

Man.. Foley looks really burnt…

DavidMalfoy says:

hope so

R0yalflushy says:

what a ridiculous human being…

poophead69able says:

As long as he wins 5 more majors till his career ends

Zug75 says:

wish he could still use it

friendofronaldo7 says:

How do you know if he can break 110?

Jim meh says:

Theres choking and theres the ppl who call it choking. I couldn’t see you
break 110 on that course on a regular day yet alone day 3 or day 4 of a
major. If you happen to be a decent player (which you’re not since all the
critics hide behind their lil computer screens jerking off to kiddie porn)
I’d like to see you break 80 on that course on day 3 and 4 on nationally
televised TV with spectators. Haters gonna hate. Go jump off a bridge.

tomvk77 says:

I don’t think it’s realistic to think he can repeat 2000. I think the whole
tour is much better now looking at Rory, DJ, Tiger put golf to a higher
level. Back in 2000 there where not many players in the gym all the time,
but now…..

ZeroSumJ1 says:

preach on brotha!

srfbig says:

Choking on the weekend during the last two majors? He is not “back”

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