Proper golf swing path – Champions Tour

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Here’s Derek Sanders caddie on the Champions Tour who just played in a Carolina’s PGA event and won the tournament with the scores of 72-69. Congratulations Derek! LSU fan! Geaux Tigers!

We did some work on his swing path and here’s the video of the work we did.


Bryan Begley says:

Bobby!! Ricky Fowler plays from a layed off position – Daniel Burger layed off position both on tour – you know can you play from there – that position if yes dont chnage it if no change it – cheers

Stuart Leary says:

Hey Bobby. I love your videos and teaching style. Do you have a library where I can check out more? I got a pull hook to fix!

The Backyard Golfer says:

that's pretty good

Francis Kelly says:

Great work Bobby and Derek.

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