PXG 0311 & 0311T IRONS REVIEW!

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PXG 0311 & 0311T IRONS REVIEW!
Rick Shiels tests the PXG 0311 & 0311T IRONS at the NEW Quest Golf Academy based at Prairie Sports Village, using GC2 and FSX software


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jerry manning says:

$3-5k for a set. I'd be taking them into the bathroom and clubhouse with me. I wonder how easily they get nicked up – could you accidentally whack a few stones with them ?

Joshua Nelson says:

How long before those weights start flying off the head and hitting people in the eyeballs?

over opinionated says:

PXG are the most Expensive club…surely that makes them the Best??

matty burrows says:

twice the price..do they make you play twice as good? no..there is the answer

Cheng Xiao says:

Why when i search honma this comes up

Phil Shaffer says:

Rick – for us to understand how these are different, we need to know what your specs are on a standard 7 iron – your standard carry and distance, for example.

over opinionated says:

its called ART
eye of the beholder

Talmadge Fisher says:

I think that pxg should of hired people from other places besides just ping. Maybe callaway and taylormade

Gary Seal says:

For the record, the models are pronounced "Oh-Three-Eleven".  It's a military MOS term that is Infantry in the Army.  No one calls this "Zero-Three-One-One".

Chuck Pope says:

Thanks again for a well done video. I always believe it's the Indian and not the arrow, but you have shown that a well made arrow is also important. As for the price, your right if you want to drive a Ferrari it's gonna cost you, although a Chevy will get you to the same place eventually it's all about the feel of the ride. Will I run out and buy a set, probably not, because if I want to hit the ball 10 yards further I'll just get a bigger club out of my bag and save about $4k. Sooner or later they'll be making some pretty good knockoffs for a lot less, or they will just bring the prices down to a reasonable range. Just like the Honma's, they were also high dollar clubs that eventually went belly up because they priced themselves out of the market. You can buy a set of them for $100.00 now. So you don't only need to make a good product you have to make it affordable or the masses won't buy it no matter how good it is. Keep up the good work, I really enjoy your videos, top quality and it's free.

Ecclesiastes 3:18 says:

I'm OCD. I can't imagine trying to concentrate on a shot while worrying over which of the 120+ screws might be loose somewhere in my bag. The driver alone has 16 screws surrounding the sole. I'll stay with my MPs.

Scott Warner says:

Looks like somebody went to Tattoo parlour for a ear piecing fell asleep in the chair & got way too many studs.Just on looks wouldn't have them in my bag.

AZ Golfer says:

possibly the best looking irons I've seen.

FitFast8 says:

Your draw/hooks are caused by your hands moving too far inside at the beginning of the takeaway. As Gary Player says you should FEEL like the hands move just inside straight back. You're welcome.

gee gee k says:

I did a demo on the PXG's pw,5, and 7 irons …I got to agree with Rick awesome clubs but very expensive ….I wound up with the new Mizuno Hot Metal JPX 900 irons and love them.

Doug Knisely says:

And does this guy not know who Bob Parsons is??

Doug Knisely says:

haters just can't afford

tigerbalm says:

I bet Neo-nazi golfers today love the logo….

Steven Anderson says:

0311 – United States Marine Infantry

Founder is a former 0311 – Marine Infantry guy

Bob A Booey says:

Should have pulled out a competitor 7 iron and compared them.   I just got fitted for new clubs and brought my old irons and the balls I play with to get an honest comparison.  And no, I didn't buy these things.

benoit D'Haenens says:

In my opinion overpriced.

Cameron Besaw says:

Rick, would you ever consider putting these clubs in your bag?

john muddy says:

"That's long for a 7 iron". It's not a 7 iron dumbass, it's a strong 6 iron. A standard 6 iron has 32 degrees of loft.

Sean McGuinness says:

180 carry with a 7 iron?? what do you hit your 4 iron??? 3?? Rick you're smashing the ball mate!!

Jonathan Moosey says:

Unapologetical loud, brash and bold, sounds like the Donald Trump of golf clubs.

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