PXG take TaylorMade to court! + Titleist’s new AVX premium ball

Tech Tuesday – PXG take TaylorMade to court! + Titleist's new AVX premium ball

Golf WRX Article on PXG vs TaylorMade – http://www.golfwrx.com/470172/pxg-founder-sues-taylormade-for-patent-infringement/

Titleist lawsuits – https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-07-17/why-a-lewd-golf-label-may-beat-back-titleist-s-wrath


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24 thoughts on “PXG take TaylorMade to court! + Titleist’s new AVX premium ball

  1. Titleist are a branding and marketing disaster at the moment. Naming the irons that fit between the AP1s and AP2s the “AP3s”!?(what where they thinking?). Making the Pro v1 spin less than the v1x after years of doing the opposite? And now this dumb ball. Get it together Titleist.

  2. If the avx goes further but has feel and scoring ability and is the same price and therefore logically equally as good as the pro v1 then why would u ever buy another pro v1?

  3. The AVX ball is apparently ONLY being released in three states in the USA for a limited time only! So no availability within the UK! Also it may be a form of marketing research on their behalf!

  4. other commenters spoke of the revolving graphic (use as intro only), TICK; some mention the off camera searching for text (compy-ready teleprompters) TICK; while others have mentioned the 'hot' sound level… my addition concerns this sound level, and it is actually fine, just the RECORDING level was high, causing everything to blow out and peak, so temper the recording level and you get that last TICK…

    content is awesome as always mate, do love the new look, and hope Tweaks for all these Ticks…

  5. Another new product from Titlust A.V.X. balls. Another Vast eXpense. The only high optics I want are the ones behind the bar containing vodka and whisky.

  6. Gret viewing Peter. love the tech tuesdays. i feel Titleist is getting its self lost in regards to so many club choices. and now so many ball choices. like Apple when SJ came back he stripped the stock to one pro laptop/desktop. one 'amateur' laptop/desktop. Titleist has seemed to overlap so much on clubs that its confusing to everyone. Seriously if u like the CB irons u might as well use the MB and get rid of the CB line. AP2's for the more forgiving set of clubs. use hybrids if u struggle with longer irons and practice practice practice chipping and putting. golf is hard enough for people starting let alone the club and ball choices people have.

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