Taylormade P730 Iron Review

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The Taylormade P730 Iron Review by Alex Etches Golf

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Alex Etches from GolfBox Reviews tests the latest, better players iron from Taylormade Golf. The Taylormade P730 iron features traditional aesthetics with tour inspired performance.

Justin Rose approached Taylormade wanting a more workable iron to better shape his golf shots on the PGA Tour. Taylormade took this information and shortened the P730's blade length to 73mm, which decreased the MOI and makes the iron less stable for easy shop shaping requirements.

However, the loss in horizontal MOI is replaced with improved, vertical MOI, which improves strikes that are higher and lower on the face. Rose said this was the most common of mishits on the PGA Tour. This has been achieved by installing a milled line across the back of the iron, adding more weight to the top part of single pieced forged iron.

The P730 irons complete the full 2017 Taylormade iron range. The full range includes the: Taylormade M1 Irons, Taylormade M2 irons, Taylormade P730 Irons, Taylormade P750 Irons, Taylormade P770 Irons, Taylormade P790 Irons and the Taylormade M CGB Irons. All irons have now been reviewed by GolfBox Reviews.

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Arnold Gillard says:

can you do the ap2

Dan B says:

Enjoy your vids mate! What club head speed are you with a 7 iron?

bdiddy8239 says:

200yd 7i isn't long for you?! Do pros even hit that far with 7i. Especially Spieth.

GottaLuvGolf says:

They could reignite my love for Taylor made … "could " another great vid mate good job ?

Michael Stafford says:

"If I get this wrong I'll be vibrating for weeks" hahah been there

Liam Dureau says:

" if I hit this wrong I'll be vibrating for weeks" that cracked me up

94jettameowpsst says:

I play gigagolf blade irons modeled after Nike vr pro blades and have hit the ping and mizuno blades and quite literally feel no difference between them what so ever. I mean aside from some sound differences, they strike the ball exactly the same
Spin, ball flight etc

jballoregon says:

"Its not long" = 184 7 iron that is probably 34-35 degree's. Congratulations on your perception of what is short.

Jacob Sever says:

Must be nice to be good enough to shape shots however you want. I got myself a high fade, and there's nothing I can do about it.

Wait wait wait…and getting 200+ yards carry on a 7-iron ISN'T for distance? My Lord. I'm lucky to get my 4-iron to carry 200 yards.

Kirk Nairn says:

Combo set with a 3 and 4 p790 equals boner from hell

Petteri Haro says:

This channel is bloody amazing!!

danthemanwhocancan says:

Another perfect review. Only thing missing is a bikini girl

okolekahuna says:

“simple yet gorgeous…the irons aren’t too bad either”. haha. You should’ve been a comedian.

Todd Wilson says:

awesome, thanks Al!

ssjadam says:

Hey dude, good vids but if you wanna be relevant for golf vids you really need to display the numbers much better so we have something to look at while you talk. Take some hints from rick shiels

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