Reducing Lag Angle Golf Lesson

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How To Reduce Golf Lag Angle
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Rick Shiels Senior PGA Golf Coach at Trafford Golf Centre helps Alex Lundy reduce his lag angle so that he can hit the ball much higher and further with less effort. This will help him and it may help you play much better golf.

7 thoughts on “Reducing Lag Angle Golf Lesson

  1. The original swing is superior in many ways. Down the line Position at the
    TOP is rock solid in the original video. Also, lower body rotation through
    the hit, there’s very little push or ground force in the RIGHT FOOT with
    the NEW SWING. Lower half is collapsing and rotating TOO LATE, no external
    rotation in the left leg, partly as a result of the changes, and ball
    position is a factor. The ORIGIONAL ball position in the face on view, ( Im
    assuming this is a 6 IRON) is the major culprit of the shaft lean, not the
    lag, THE LAG IS FANTASTIC, this should not be taken away! The ball flight
    in the video shown with the new swing is an awful start line, far left of
    target, a player of what appears to be very good calibre here ( scratch
    potential at least ), the last thing they want to see is the ball starting
    left of their sight line like that. All do respect, I do not subscribe to
    the changes here at all.

  2. Rick love the videos keep up the good work, question for you, iv herd of
    people talk about early release but have you ever seen or herd or late
    release, I suffer from a slice with my driver And my irons curve of to the
    right as well but not as bad as my driver, I had a lesson a few months ago
    and been working on my swing plane and got it more “in to out” because I
    was told by the pro I was a bit steep in my down swing, he said my grip was
    good and club face was good at the top of my back swing, but my club face
    must be open if my ball is going of to the right…. Could I not be
    releasing it early enough? Thanks in advances, Andy. 

  3. Great reviews sticking to data and facts
    The yellow TM vs the Blue TM vid was brilliant and refreshing!
    Is there anyway of making the data from the LM available so that club to
    club comparison can be made.

  4. Rick like a lot of tour players your student loses some height during the
    transition to the downswing which helps create the lag and helps increase
    power at impact but unlike the tour Pros he doesn’t regain the height when
    coming in to impact as the left leg stays quite flexed.
    I was just thinking that if he maintained the lag but focused on
    straightening the left leg and gaining a little height then this in turn
    would shallow his angle of attack and be another solution to the problem?
    Maybe? What’s your thoughts please?

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