Right wrist through impact

Correct movement with your right wrist feels like a lot of movement, especially if you are a player who likes to try to control the clubface.

In previous videos I've talked about the role of the right arm. In this video I explain how your right hand and wrist work. This is a video directed to a specific player, but with information you may find valuable to your game.

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5 thoughts on “Right wrist through impact

  1. Hi Peter, thanks for this video. As I am relatively new to golf and I am loving the discovery phase I am going through right now. What I've worked out for myself is my right hand palm needs to stay square to the ball at all times through backswing and down swing. It's not always easy but I think players like Dustin Johnson and Dechambeau do that. Just before the impact I try to have my hip cleared and club face squared to the ball. I try to visualise the club face facing the ball through my backswing, and my right hand wrist automatically bends naturally.

  2. Despite the expense of $119, I’ve been using the “Power Package Golf” training aid and it has definitely helped me learn what you are teaching here. It teaches what the wrists should be doing in the swing.

  3. Hi Peter. What is your opinion on forearms release va Jordon Speith release?
    In the video it seems like you releasing the club with forearm rotation which relies on timing.

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