Golf – How To Control The Right Hand At Impact

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Golf – How to control the right hand at impact. Alistair Davies golf shares with you how to work the right hand correctly through the hitting zone with a great drill and concept.


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John Schwartz says:

Great video Alistair on hand position! I've been trying your suggestion of the strengthening the right hand thumb pad over the left thumb. With this position and having the right hand pushing up against the left thumb during the swing creates a very strong feel. I have tried some many shots and the results have been outstanding. Thanks for the tip!!

lecktl says:

Great explanation

Julio Essaka says:

Right-hand action, what should I do with my left hand? Is the right-hand action controlling the clubface as opposed to the left? What should the grip pressure be between both hands? Because I was wondering why I need to wear a left-handed clove though right-handed?

mikal says:

As per Peter Aliss, that feeling of right hand hitting through impact is not real.
Its simply flail action which is made possible by wrists kept as free swinging hinges.

The Dreamer says:

Good tip Al, definite better ball strike…..cheers!👍

Yi Gu says:

Some instructors say the right hand index finger will play some “trigger “ role on impact. Do you have any comments on that doctrine?

Howard Boylan says:

I really like your stuff Ali, must tap you up for a lesson soon mate.

Brian Sturman says:

I really like this video & intend to try some adjustments to my right hand on my grip. I definitely hod the club more in the fingers with both hands, so this is new information for me. Thanks.

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