Rocco Mediate, caddy go back-and-forth during final round

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Ambient Infinite Video AIV says:

Bid daddy "Rocco."

Ryan P. says:

played with Rocco and Martin and Martin is the man!

Phil McAvity says:

Rocco’s renowned for being a prick on tour.

The Hop says:

Any wonder why they take over 5 hours a round?? Agony…..

Ryan Priestnall says:

The sound of that shot

LuciferMegatron says:

They spent that amount of time on a lay up shot?

Steve C says:

ok note to Rocco:  the cigar is a little much, no?

Mikey Mike says:

143 yard distance with an 8 iron. Gotta love it. Seeing the PGA tour where their 8 iron is going something like 180 gets disheartening at times haha

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