Rory McIlroy & Maria Fassi Explain their POWER off the Tee | TaylorMade Golf

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Two of the best drivers of the golf ball, Team TaylorMade's Rory McIlroy and Maria Fassi, watch each other hit shots with the all-new SIM2 driver and talk about how they generate power off the tee.


hammockmonk says:

That sequence at 4:20: pure strength and beauty! 💕

Eric Walsh says:

With the impressive level of production on the tailor-made Team it’s surprising that don’t have a camera and go looking down range.

Vikram Kohli says:

Love the photobomb at 10:45

M M says:

she looks like the only man in this group

touristguy87 says:

02:19 look with her it's simple, that awesome physique of hers is just very good at hitting golf-balls and she doesn't let her mind get in the way of her body just doing what it does.
So that's an important factor with everyone. If you take the mind out of the swing and just hit a casual drive, you're very unlikely to hit bad drives and they often are surprisingly long given the effort.

Andrew Chang says:

Incredible that these two generate so much power while at the same time making Trottie look like a normal sized human


She roasted Rory 😂

M-Dog Videos says:

Best swing in golf.. that is all …

Gear Mob says:

The ready rain collaterally lighten because fang industrially attempt minus a vagabond delivery. new, maddening orange

James Kaiser says:

Rory does not explain separation good at all, he would not be a good coach, can't even put into words what he does with excellence??? Study Gankas to put your own actions into words.

Craig Coulson says:

Wow she hammered it out there. What's her average yardage???

Ted Zink says:

Rory's balance is so much better than Maria's, really holds the finish.

José Manuel González says:

Very good interview of both, good to hear those kind of players talk about how they play, feel.

nick Charli says:

Fassi great lower half

Paul Stewart says:

I like to use the whole face of the driver, just so I get my money's worth.

Scott Stowe says:

There really should be more cameras so we can see straight on and down the line.

Pulse2AM says:

Maria has great swing and those legs! Powerful girl <3

michael Tomlinson says:

Everybody is kissing Maria's ass…this woke culture is disgusting.

Dan Floros says:

Maria – that was 20 behind me….lol…wishful

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