Rory McIlroy — Twist Face Technology

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Danny Charm says:

@taylormade what’s this song!!!

Chriss S says:

i really like the background music…. what's the name of this song?

Chriss S says:

Oh dear….to clearly face it… Mark Crossfield as the others Youtube Golfclub Reviewers are all so called Influencers… which are earning there Money by Producing monetized Videos. The more Viewers = The more Money they make…. and more dramatic video content gets more views… Everyone that buys his/her Clubs just based on such an Online Review is completely foolish and influenceable. Just take a moment and consider driving to the next golf store, try your Modell and then make your own INDIVIDUAL Decision… instead of beeing influenced by media….


Twisted face technology isn't new. It's only a few degrees (if that) which isn't that noticeable – I guess if you're a pro and can guarantee that you'll be somewhere near the sweet spot every time, then your efficiency and margin for error would be improved, otherwise it's just a marketing tool.

JL 05 says:

Rory is such a good guy

Danny Charm says:

What’s this song ?!!

Ivan Vishnyakov says:

rors is in the hood I am def buying the m4 driver and fairway

Mitch 1977 says:

Never been a fan of Taylor Made products.. I’ll stick to my beautiful Titleist sticks

John E says:

CAN SOMEONE EXPLAIN THE #262 thing? And what's up with this Mark Crossfield??

smart water says:

Fuck Mark bitchfield is he a PGA level golfer? he can keep whine about taylormade Rory is millon time better golfer and this driver is awesome

Darrick Lee says:

Okay okay …. I will buy it

trew ten says:

I was not ware about the drama between mark and Taylormade, no wonder I couldn't find marks review of this club.

Michael Curran says:

that is awesome

jordan19862000 says:

Taylormade says if you're sponsored by a company you can't be unbiased in your reviews so we can't trust Rory on this

John Kimble says:

walking billboard…. you look like a nascar

Blake Sellers says:

Now if only taylormade could make a wedge that could help Rory hit more GIRs.

PixlPutterMan says:

Cobra already did this in the Amp Cell and has it in the F8 line, please stop pretending to be revolutionary

mike hunt says:

Lol what a load of absolute B/S

Caleb Avery says:

sounds like horse shit to me

jon vanhala says:

Dustin touted this after his win yesterday as well . . .

for the love of tech too says:

Theres a lot of twisted faces going on lately on YouTube and I face live and let live give MC the clubs to review and show everyone that it's golf that matters not legally binding obligations. Peace

stephen jackson says:

You could get Rory to rave about Donnay pay him enough money, biggest sponsor whore in the game. He was raving about Nike until they pulled out of golf

sean o reilly says:

Lay up on a par 5?? When does any pro do that these days lol.

King Brian of knocknasheega says:

The only twist face technology is ecstasy. Me I'm switching to titleist because they don't rip the shite out of the product releases.

LB says:

Twist these brah… #262????⛳

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