TaylorMade M4 hybrid tested Average Golfer

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Geordie Sancaster says:

Good review Andy, looks a easy club to hit but strange it’s competing against its own brand in the Epic, I can sort of understand the driver being better on dispersion than the Epic so bringing the M3M4 I can sort of understand but in a hybrid I’m not sure people will change from the Epic like yourself. #tagers

Gary Bewers says:

Another great review. I’ve never been a massive TM fan but I’m massively impressed by the M4 range. In particular the feel and the new silver colour scheme really appeals to my eye. I’ve got the driver, 3&5 wood and a 4 hybrid on order to replace my 917 range!

allo cromeau says:

What shaft do you have in that m4?…it looks identical as m2 last year?

Jason McLean says:

Review the Wilson C3 hundred hybrid

mr75204 says:

I bought this last weekend and played recently. I highly recommend the M4.

Gruffalo Speed says:

Top stuff! Be good to see yardage’s on 3, 4, 5, 6 Hybrids, if you can get your hands on um. See if they gap properly

lewis baker says:

Would you recommend these clubs on lynx course

alan bushnell says:

Mizuno Golf CLK Hybrid all day for me

Cornwall1888 says:

Have the m4 hybrids and fairways moved on much from the 2017 m2?

tony penny says:

Andy any chance when you do more reviews you can show the flight like you used to do i prefure seeing it if possible.

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