Ryder Cup 2010 – Tiger Woods Eagle “It went in?”

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Christopher Cantin says:

“I dont need this” AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

kijakoga1 says:

just sayin the title sounds like tiger has a small penis

01984lockyer says:

only found out a cuple weeks ago, my birthday is on the same day as his 😛
lol 30th December

Alex Sargoni says:

Hes still got it, landed a 50 footer on the next hole. When he finds his
consistency he’ll be back up there.

Mahmoud Mousavidehshikh says:

That’s the smile you’ve been missing Tiger! The only other time I saw
anything remotely close to that smile this year was when you hit that
breath-taking shot at the US Open, to cap that 30 on the back 9 of the 3rd
round (I think). This is the Tiger I want to see from here on in – the one
that goes -9 through 15 holes!! Unreal!

ingerbarnsley says:

ramey…. go on tiger son!!

Austin Bessey says:

Great to see him smiling again! Forget his personal life this just shows
that in a few months we will have him back! Kickin ass and takin home huge
piles of money!!

0123kid says:

Haven’t seen him smile like that in a while.

HollywoodTnA says:

this is what tiger does best.. 1 on 1.. He’s a true competitor when he’s
out in the presidents cup this year, he will play the best golf of 2011.

TomokoMurakami says:

Couldn’t agree more with AlphaMale. Awesome to see Tiger smile again!

Bill Malec says:

Better than the holes he’s in lately….

Mahmoud Mousavidehshikh says:

You know you’ve done that many times when you actually remember to fix your
ball mark, lol. Tiger, you’re the man!!!

nojomen2 says:

The tiger is back

TheGolfGoof says:

0 people dislike eagles

stevenash4life says:

tiger is my hero

georgsow says:

great stuff, i hope it continues lik tat

ScheenK says:

good to see tiger smiling again, love when he lights the lamp, gives me
chills all the time

Corncrops says:


humanforotherhumans says:

He is the man. The crowd in Wales saw the real Tiger on Monday.

Nicholas Herron says:

this is just awesome

Nils Svensen says:

Maybe Tiger can dig his dad up again and do another commercial for Nike. He
& Nike sure fucked up when they did that voice over with Earl. Fucking sick
to think a guy would dirty his dad’s name in order to make a commercial.

RaideNNx11 says:

Tiger will be back!

Jimmie A says:

The media totally ruined everything…what Tiger did off the course was his
own business, and only his. So why did the entire world need to know?

wahod says:


hearttoartmusic says:

You would expect Tiger do well at the Ride Her Cup

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