Sergio Garcia Winning Putt at the Masters Tournament 2017

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A major moment for Sergio Garcia has he sinks his birdie putt on the first playoff hole to win The Masters over Justin Rose.

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mariuge says:

Felicidades Sergio, me ha emocionado.

Rafael Navarro-Rubio says:

El puto amo

Rena P says:

More credit needs to be given to his fiancee who fixed his defeatist mind to win this one. She should probably open a shrink-shop now to the rest of the pros and make her own millions.

BVDBABY1 says:

I remember when I won my first Masters on Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2012 (PS3). I perfectly understand the feeling of euphoria that Sergio Garcia must have experienced at this moment.

TopsecretMC ll Road to 100 says:

What a charismatic and absolutely emotional ambassador of the game. This reaction, this hard work and integrity he shows is what golf is all about. Well done Niño, go win some more 💪🏽

Fidel Etxaniz says:

Enhorabuena Sergio. Desde España parece que solo tenemos ojos para el fútbol, y éxitos como el suyo apenas generan interés, pero los amantes del deporte aquí estamos para felicitarte. ¡¡Disfruta de lo conseguido y a por todas en la siguiente competición!!

XxkulturexX says:

Grande García

Cooper Theobald says:

proud sergio

Ian Dowd says:

Sergio it's been a long time coming you have made it impossible to watch you sometimes but all is forgiven you now have a green jacket and it couldn't go to a better individual than yourself well done and I hope you now win a couple more majors ..???

E Mansini says:

Within a year, the Cubs won the World Series and Sergio finally breaks through and wins a major. Felicidades Senor Garcia!

Dennis Mayer says:

Might be the best thing to happen in this crazy sports year!

Michael Cowie says:

I'm so happy and thrilled that Sergio won the green jacket this year! I've wanted him to win a major for so many years! This was a long time coming. One of the best masters ever…and long overdue.

Xavier Prime says:


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