Sergio Garcia’s Final Round in Under Three Minutes

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Philip Martin says:

My favorite golfer right here. Went to a golf tournament back in middle school in Norton,Ma (like 10 yrs ago) and got a tee from Sergio. Immediately became my fav and never looked back since.. neither has he apparently…

Arc Element says:

“I knew I can make magic on 14 and 15”
Not so sure about 15

Tyler Barker says:

to add to the Poles with the caps lock, golf pro training stuff. Think about the giant golf technology ranges, the golf course stores where a machine measure everything… Its basically like hooking up the secret of a golf pro, and plugging him into te itnernet. The influence memory mesaures are there on body parts. Kinetics, energy. TGB

Sam Matheson says:

Title should be 3 holes of Sergio’s final round ???

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