Tiger Woods Golf Iron Swing Impact Drill Slow Motion

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Tiger Woods Golf Iron Swing Impact Drill Slow Motion https://www.bensound.com/


MrSmashmouth07 says:

why do ppl put that stupid annoying music in damn its annoying

David Sanford says:

It would be very helpful if you included both arms on a clock face before each drill.

Bill Marshall says:

PS: Thanks for presenting this…..

Bill Marshall says:

Notice where the cap of his hat is pointed…….Head over the ball……NO chicken wing left arm on follow thru….

Bill Marshall says:

PS: Use a mirror…..It works

Bill Marshall says:

AT 1:48 explains the clock! If you can't figure that out you are in the wrong sport…..

Tony Garner says:

The reason people have such a hard time with this is because it’s explain from a first person perspective. Looking down at your arm in impact position, your lead arm is pointing straight down, and that is 12 o’clock. You move your lead arm to 1o’clock and your club shaft should be at 3 o’clock.

ctcv1984 says:

Ok, I got it. PGA tour, here I come!

Anthony T says:

This is what I see: Right Heel down, left ear behind ball at impact.

Air Force Retired says:

Which club is he using?

C J says:

Play at .25 speed and take in the knowledge and wisdom of the great TW like never before.

Titilayo says:

Poor video
Wish the dislike button worked so I would not have wasted my time.

우현호 says:

Where is 1 o'clock and where is 10 o'clock? it's not clearly define on the screen.

MW says:

Crap video, really bad instruction.. no-one benefits from watching a reverse swing. Don't watch, it's a waste of time!.

lobedwonder says:

where is your clock? nothing matches up. one oclock should be on the right of our screen and 11 to the left..very poor.

Su Thiam Huie says:

4 oclock to 7 oclock instead of 11

zach byrd says:

Garbage video. You are going to mess so many people up. The takeaway is not the reverse of the swing through impact. That is going to have people cocking their wrist on the takeaway instead of moving the hands, wrist, arms, and shoulders as One Piece. Watch tigers wrist position on his actual takeaway, not this BS reverse takeaway drill.

John Florio says:

Tiger’s reverse swing looks like most players’ swings when they swing forward.

Max C says:

Great Video!!!

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