This is a short backswing move that is amazingly easy for senior golfers and those struggling with their backswing. This really is a transformation and will help you massively! This is an effortless approach for great striking and an easy golf swing way to shallow the golf club. This is an effortless golf swing for seniors and is the easiest short golf swing any club golfer can use.

We don't always get loads of time to practice, this is a perfect solution, and for those that do, please keep using this! It is simple, easy and this short backswing move is amazingly easy for seniors.

This is a simple golf tip to improve your golf swing if you are beginner, senior or just wanting an easy golf swing for seniors or most importantly wanting to hit consistent irons and drives with an effortless power golf swing!!


Adds 20-30 yards accurate distance

This 8-Minute “Swing Cheat” unlocks 20-30 yards more distance by leveraging a “hidden power joint” you've never heard of:

Watch: 8-Minute “Swing Cheat” That Unlocks 20-30 Yards More Distance


  1. Alex, it’s weird I’ve always hit the ball further hitting a short swing.
    I’m go over the factors and see if it makes any sense. If I make a full turn I start the downswing still too hard I know I do and I’m putting the power somewhere it shouldn’t be. A half swing with same mindset gets the power closer through the ball. I can carry 275 on a half swing full swing I’ll get 250 but 40 yard slice or hooks off the planet. Always starts off straight so it’s not a face issue it’s a path issue. My half swing really has not as much time for manipulation. Accidentally found this, I was thinking punch shot but with driver just so I can hit the inside of the ball. It’s further. But I get on the course and don’t use it because I get in my head. But the power comes in the swing from hip high to hip high. Most of us are power from top of backswing to the ball and lose it at the ball

  2. So this is not just for seniors. Its for anyone who wants a more consistent compact swing. With out loss of distance. As long as you control the face, and the bigger the club the slower the body. Its an amazing method of hitting the ball.

  3. Great tip. I started doing something similar to this a few weeks ago with my driver while on the practice range. Just 1, 2, 3 and swing, where 1, 2, and 3 are slow but increasingly longer swings before a full swing. The increase in speed and therefore distance was an eye-opener

  4. Hi Alex enjoy your content and have just subscribed
    Good luck in your open Qualifying 26 th June from Australia ???⛳️??‍♂️

  5. Hmmm…for some reason YOU my friend are restricting your own back swing by NOT straighten that right leg of yours in the back swing …. so your hips are NOT turning as they naturally can and as so the shoulder aren't either …. straighten that leg is crucial so the left one can fold a bit and effortless turn occurs …. ;)))))

  6. This looks like a fantastic drill to make you move forward in the downswing can,you tell me what club you were using there Alex please ?

  7. Great video Alex. Lifting that left heel actually helped me on the downswing as well as it became a trigger to initiate pressure to my left side, moving my left hip back and rotating through. Excellent!

  8. Alex,
    You are a great teacher. Your passion and work ethic are inspiring. I don’t think that you realize how good you are.
    Thank you and please continue.

  9. Very, very good video. Somehow having watched your videos now for approx. 6 months, I started doing this drill on my own about 2 weeks ago. Since I reinjured my spine and started chiropractic + PY approx. 3-4 weeks ago, this drill is now "approved" as part of my rehab by my physio team!

  10. Great content and informative coaching session Alex keeping the body moving ready for the shot also relieves tension rather than looking at the ball great pre shot practice ?✅??

  11. ?, can I pretend I'm plane blades ? ?. Thanks again Alex, I'm now shooting in the 80z from a 20 handicap to like 13. Shot a 39 ?

  12. I think you understand rather well how to deal with a common loss of flexibility amongst senior golfers. Your approach looks appropriate and easy to copy.

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