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SHOULD YOU USE LONGER SHAFTS IN YOUR GOLF CLUBS!?DOES HAVING LONGER SHAFTS MEAN MORE DISTANCE IN ALL YOUR GOLF CLUBS? We all want to hit longer golf shots… what's the easiest way of hitting the golf ball further? is it by increasing clubbed speed? increasing ball speed? and potentially hitting all your golf clubs further? the big debate recently has been about driver shaft lengths, Bryson DeChambeau was testing a 48 inch driver shaft at the masters in an attempt to over over power the golf course and shoot lower scores. it didn't quite work this time… so how much difference does having longer golf clubs make? longer shafts in your golf clubs… should you do it? lets find out… and lets do it now!


2 Sqn Bandit says:

I’m 6 ft put .5 inch longer shafts in my irons because I’m tall. On track man it gave me up to 10 yards more carry through the iron set. From carrying my 7 iron from 150 to 160 yards in MP32’s. My new set I went with p790 & wow those things go miles. Gave me another 15 yards they’re power bats. Up to 175 carry then with 7 iron. Im low figures play off 6 hcp I’ve had my irons lofts reset now to retro lofts. Reason being I don’t want to carry a 7 over 160 yards what’s the point.? It just means problems with gapping & having to put more wedges in my bag. I do find though a lot of high handicap golfers have that mentality about distance. Wanting to cream their 7 iron 190 yards. It’s a big ego thing with them for some reason. They wouldn’t dream of choking down on an 8 low spinny shot 135 yard par 3. Instead they’d rather rip the granny out of a 50 ballooning in the air and end up in a hazard but claim the win because they hit a 50 just as far as your 8. It’s ridiculous really, makes me laugh. That’s why they’re sh*t 😂 ego gets in the way of them progressing. I can see a lot of high hcp golfers fitting 3 inch longer shafts in their irons willing to lose control for distance,

Chrelle Blomberg says:

Im 6’8 how much should i make my clubs longer?

chris davis says:

What are your wedge numbers if you hit your PW 116-120? What’s your 50 degree or your 9i?

R1.4 says:

I’m 6’2” n lengthened my irons 3” over standard. This has really helped my back. It promote a lateral turn covering the ball instead of the drop down under and lift up motion with a lot of back leg push.

Bob Pegram says:

Lengthening an iron 1-1/2" may or may not increase clubhead speed. It makes the club swing a lot heavier. My irons are 1-1/2" overlength, but I use X-flex graphite shafts to keep the weight down. I don't hit it farther. I am way more accurate though. Plus my bac doesb't hurt. By the way, since standard length fits you, the lie angle will be too upright for you aqt 1-1/2" overlength. This shows the 46 inch limit is baloney.

Steve W says:

I have a slipped disc in my back…any idea if getting longer clubs would put less strain on the back?

Greg Lockwood says:

would love to see identical heads with identical shafts and only the length of shaft as the difference

Charles Jones says:

Would have love to see you do that comparison with a inch shorter shaft aswell

Jörgen Karlsson says:

Put a mic on Chris.

Chris Juhl says:

I play Pinhawk single length irons. No problems at all with longer shafts on wedges.

Vishal Patel says:

Hold on, why do you say that you don’t get any benefit from using the 6 iron length? You got another 1000rpm of backspin which isn’t insignificant right?

thatwilldonicely says:

some years ago i had 1& 1/2 on my then clubs, my 6 iron was like a 3 iron ffs, became 'uncontrollable' had the extensions all removed, in the end distance is governed by F=ma fundamentally

Adam says:

A bit of a running theme James (as Chris always mentions)….. "I hit my PW about 130" (then averages low 120s) 😉

Holt Gielow says:

Don’t get me wrong I love your videos. But it seems that once rick shield makes a video on this topic you do the same. Once again I love your videos and I will keep watching them. Thanks.

andrew thompson says:

If you are watching this video can you please like, comment and share as James Robinson deserves a much bigger subscriber base. He has amazing content. I’d also recommend watching all of his daily content and old videos.

andrew thompson says:

Hi James, I’ve been watching your content a while and usually love to comment but I think it’s a time zone thing you were posting about 9pm Australia time. But now you are posting around midnight so I don’t get a chance to watch it before I go to sleep. Which is okay. However keep up the great content and stay safe 🙏

Alan Dunwell says:

Like the video mate, question there was no distance gain but there was a spin gain. If you adjusted the the lie angle would it not give you more control on your pitch shots? I’d say stopping power is more important with wedges then distance?

Phillip Toyne says:

Whilst I agree with the premise of this video, hit some longer length driver shafts and see how it pans out

James Fox says:

Can’t believe you didn’t use my clubs for this 😉😂

shawn michajluk says:

Wonder if shorter shafts (PW length for numbered irons) would give same distance as before but straighter shots (more control like the PW). Also, I brought out my chipper based on last week's video. Today, I found normal grip (not putter grip) seemed to get better results. I like that it goes straight if you focus on hitting the centre of the clubface. I am keeping it in my bag for now, losing the 58 degree wedge. As with most equipment and training aids, there are no instructions telling you how to hit it properly (how far should you hit the chipper from the hole, what distance range is it good, putter grip or normal grip, etc.). Of course, you test it out at the end of the season when the snow is about to come.

Nigel Day says:

“What a time to be alive” …. do a video on lie angle please 😉🏌️‍♂️⛳️🍻

Thomas Veal says:

It would be interesting to see what happens with a low spin ball and a lie adjustment.

J Plowedge says:

Are your views down in the last couple months ? I have an idea why if so.

Rob Biles says:

That spin rate increase seems unusual. Need to do this again with the same shaft and lie adjusted.

Adrian Cox - The Sant Jordi Golf Society says:

What about 3, 4, 5, 6,7, 8 and 9 ?

Owen Docherty says:

Looks like your run this morning was too the burger 🍔 van 😂 😂

Michael Ackley says:

Thinking driver with correct shaft lie and loft longer than yours against same driver in your specs. Maybe a strong 3 wood same club longer shaft. That might really start conversations. Fun as usual

Michael Ackley says:

Not a waste. Better then boys talk about and playing with your balls

Michael Ackley says:

So now you need to bend for lie angle. Now your dither from ball. My short arms might not be too bad.

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