22 thoughts on “These Adjustable Golf VEGA Golf Clubs Will CHANGE GOLF FOREVER!

  1. 95% golfers and retailers have no idea on bounce .understanding bounce and conditions is so critical in scoring that's why there are tour vans …good players and fitters know it .

  2. it is a non sens to buy a wedge at this price. Buy instead 2 wedges (same loft, different bounce) from a reputable brand like Mizuno, TM, Vokey for the same price…

  3. That is a stupid looking wedge. Lose a screw and you’re screwed. And for that kind of money… It’s hard to believe there’s an actual market for it.

  4. Just some feedback: Yours has been one of my favorite YouTube channels out of the creators. Lately I have noticed myself not as interested in watching the videos to completion. I think it has to do with the videos lacking the same creativity and matchplay from previous videos. When you have matchplay with different opponents and creative videos it keeps the viewers attention. Pete F does a masterful job with this. Keep up the great work. Always important I feel to get feedback

  5. Much prefer to buy good used wedges, keep them in the car and pull out the one(s) that seem(s) to best fit the course conditions. A good "one size fits all" approach is to use wedges with a wider sole and less bounce angle, this allows for playing in most types of lies and sand conditions.

  6. I'd be concerned that things will get stuck in between the weight and the back of the face where it screws in. Or that it would create friction or snags and possibly twist the face a little bit. Not sure how I feel about this.

  7. Honestly I think screws needs redesign. Spare one will not last long and handling loose screws will be always fiddly. Simple solution are captive screws and should be implemented before clubs left prototype stage.

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