Slowdown your golf swing to hit it farther

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Chunt says:

Just like firearms, a smooth draw is a fast draw

Bassorb says:

Just do your guys best to get as much out of a lower swing speed as you can….well contacted ball at a slower speed will always be better than a higher swing speed with poor contact

sawy78 says:

I`m a professional of golf and even when I happen to be at it for 20 years, I still had trouble exceeding 90. I wasn`t able to attain an exceptional round during the last 3-4 years until I finished reading these golf swing strategies. I am ineffective when using my irons. My drive does not get to a great distance but I can correctly grip my driver with no trouble. You can discover this guidebook by Google. It calls Logan Ballοyshot

Ronald Kulas says:

I was struggling with my long hybrids. Then I accidentally hit one almost 200 yards by just trying to get out of trouble with an easy swing. Now each time I use a hybrid I tell my brain (I visualize it) that I am hitting only half the distance. It works about 80% of the time. Now I am trying to use this same technique with my driver, but for some reason my brain still wants to pummel the ball with the driver….two steps forward, one step back.

tejanochris says:

Smooth is the key word.

Alan Somerfield says:

Yep,very sensible advice. To complement that, I would also suggest chipping the ball with the driver off the mat (or grass).

rowen says:

i did a drill just like this to work on my driver. i swing easy with every other club, but when i'd pull out the driver i'd strangle the grip, lock in all my limbs, and his slices off the heel from overswinging. i started going to the range and trying to fade the driver at the 150 flag—very similar to this drill. for me, it worked like a charm. i re-conditioned my brain to swing the driver as easy as my other clubs. totally fixed my de-sync.

Howard Parker says:

Mark: This is a totally worthless video.

Tony Chiang says:

This game sucks

J C says:

Great reminder me! tempo is the priority!

Thomas Fraser says:

Yes in order to do a swing in slow motion with need learn and ingrain in ourselves the following swing thought that involved the aiming/ alignment/ tilting/turning/ pivotal/ swinging motion of the golf club. Somethings I intend to do at age 70 and hope to show specifics in detail free on You Tube.

rylnmd says:

Go to 2:17 right away….

breeze787 says:

Wow! Great advice I'm gonna try it.

Mark Maness says:

Your tempos great. But it won’t help people learn their better mechanics. Slowing down helps players feel their swing and eventually where it’s out of balance. That’s what this drill helps.

A-Frame-Wedge says:

Most amateur golfers actually swing too slow, should check out Tour Tempo book.

Ozone 11 says:

Ralph Nader wrote a book about me….."I Suck at Any Speed". LOL

Jordan Martinka says:

wait… so u slow down your golf swing, to find where youre making the errors? is that the concept?

Kevibhoy says:

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Arlo Harris says:

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Arlo Harris says:

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