Snappy Gilmore’s one-handed swing is INSANE!

Eliezer Paul-Gindiri, AKA “Snappy Gilmore” has become a TikTok phenom due to his unbelievable one-handed golf swing. Paul-Gindiri talks about his TikTok fame, how he got into golf and why he swings the way he does.


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20 thoughts on “Snappy Gilmore’s one-handed swing is INSANE!

  1. My friends and I have been doing this for years. I didn’t know I need a toktok video of us at the range doing this dumb stuff to get famous.

  2. I think this guy got told he was only good coz he had a Taylormade, got given an old wooden driver and did this swing and blew everyone away ?

  3. Can I just say, it's fn awesome to see someone bring their own twist to the game. Not only that but open up doors to the golf community. Keep doing you boss ?

  4. I dont know but it seems if he refines that swing to generate even more power could he be long enough to be in long ball competitions?

  5. I’m sure people have said this, but he shallows the shaft, uses the ground really well, etc. Unique swing, and super fun to watch. Cheers!

  6. I'd like to give this kid a tennis lesson and see how fast he learns a bomber of a forehand. I'm sure he will get that quickly, the rest of the strokes would take years though.

  7. That's pretty awesome but I can do this shot on roller skates. It's a modified tennis swing with a follow through like Nadal. If the world is impressed with this wait till they see me do it with a onehand backhand and lefty club ????

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