Snappy Gilmore’s one-handed swing is INSANE!

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Eliezer Paul-Gindiri, AKA “Snappy Gilmore” has become a TikTok phenom due to his unbelievable one-handed golf swing. Paul-Gindiri talks about his TikTok fame, how he got into golf and why he swings the way he does.


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Nerf says:

My friends and I have been doing this for years. I didn’t know I need a toktok video of us at the range doing this dumb stuff to get famous.

Biker98 says:

Dam I can hit the same yards but both hands on the club I can hit like Happy Gilmore but I haven't golfed in years

Harrison Beacham-Peterson says:

I think this guy got told he was only good coz he had a Taylormade, got given an old wooden driver and did this swing and blew everyone away 😂

Bradley Taylor says:

Stoked to see this man just doing his thing and vibing. So cool.

Mike Lowrey says:

Can I just say, it's fn awesome to see someone bring their own twist to the game. Not only that but open up doors to the golf community. Keep doing you boss 👍


but whats his short game like 🤔

Mitch Belles says:

I dont know but it seems if he refines that swing to generate even more power could he be long enough to be in long ball competitions?

Matt Parsons says:

I’m sure people have said this, but he shallows the shaft, uses the ground really well, etc. Unique swing, and super fun to watch. Cheers!

J S says:

He’s driving that stealth 🥷

bob pete says:

Seems like a really nice guy.

SpiritSlayer says:

476,696 views, 6.4k likes, 391 comments, 922k subscribers. Nice!!

Jimbob Hanes says:

I'd like to give this kid a tennis lesson and see how fast he learns a bomber of a forehand. I'm sure he will get that quickly, the rest of the strokes would take years though.

Jimbob Hanes says:

That's pretty awesome but I can do this shot on roller skates. It's a modified tennis swing with a follow through like Nadal. If the world is impressed with this wait till they see me do it with a onehand backhand and lefty club 👍👍👏👏

Jimbob Hanes says:

Can he actually win against anyone? I'm curious

ash smitty says:

His parents should be so proud.

zach currin says:

None of you would care about this man if he wasn’t hitting the ball like this… stop being fake, people. Get off his 🍆

3569isSUS says:

I might just start learning this aswell it would be sick if i could master it like him

Real Slick says:

Glad to see PGA showing love to Snappy

Walt Sapris says:

Yeah— how’s your short game pal? Has he ever played golf? Or just a top golf diva?

John Kuehn says:

insane hand-eye coordination … i'd love to see the pro's try this. Thinking it has to be tough on elbow.

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