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This video is all about the golf swing.

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Follow Arjan says:

Hi can someone help me – guide me through my shots? I am trying to take part in an amateurs' competition by end of the year – a lofty goal yes but I am taking this challenge. Please comment on my swing and provide any pointers or tips:

One Wheel 73 says:

Such a detailed explanation that most will be able to work with. I’ve watched hundreds of videos on YouTube looking for this exact thing. Thank you so much! 💪🇺🇸⛳️

Raymond Masleck says:

Reading some comments & responses below, I see that Russell acknowledges that he meant turn shoulders 90 degrees.

Raymond Masleck says:

"To sum up . . .the backswing: make sure you turn your hips to 90 degrees." Surely you mean your shoulders; not even the young, double-jointed John Daly turned his hips 90 degrees.

Kevin Murphy says:

I don’t agree with everything Russell says – but this vid/instruction is excellent

bryan986 says:

Uh, no slow motion in this video.

Gregory King says:

At around 7:40 in "Summary" – make hips at 90 degrees? is it more likely hips at 45degrees? Cheers

Derek Whyle says:

So where’s the slo mo ?

KO says:

I enjoy your coaching and it’s really helpful in trying to rebuild by swing from my arm swing to the hips etc….when I get over the ball my mind will not allow me to trust my hips…in fear of messing up my shot…I have no confidence in my hips…I understand that practice will change this however…without having a golf instructor with me when I practice I cannot evaluate my swing…I get it that there are a lot of apps out there to tape my swing…including that expense live view product….how do you think is the most effective and affordable practical method to set up my own practice system…for my driver and Irons….not getting into chipping or putting which is not a concern of mine…thanks

Johnny Cavlovic says:

Amazing video

MrSmashmouth07 says:

to much
he is making this way to difficult why do these youtube teachers talk so damm much and make the golf. swing so damm complicated no new video way to much talk

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