Speed System Golf Review: Add 21 Yards to Your Driver?

Speed System Golf: A Solution for Longer Drives

What if your driver, golf ball, and tee were all designed to work together to help you achieve optimum speed and longer drives?

And what if these three components were engineered based on your specific swing speed?

These are the questions put forth by Speed System Golf, a new golf system created specifically with the amateur golfer in mind. Whereas most leading brands engineer their drivers for tour players, Speed System Golf is designed to make the most of the average golfer’s swing.

But how exactly does Speed System Golf work? And can it really fulfill the advertised promise to add an average of 21 yards to your drive?

If you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. Here is your comprehensive guide to Speed System Golf.

The Philosophy Behind Speed System Golf

As golfers, we have a natural inclination to imitate our heroes. From swing motion to preferred brands, we keep tabs on how our favorite players approach the game of golf. This is especially true when it comes to choice of driver.

Well, the minds behind Speed System Golf would tell you, “you shouldn’t care what driver a tour player uses.”

Why? Because if it works for a tour player, it’s not designed for a weekend warrior.

Most popular drivers were engineered specifically for pro golfers. They were made to optimize a well-above-average swing speed and tour-level precision. Speed System Golf, on the other hand, is an approach based on the swing speeds that account for 90% of golfers. The goal of this three-component system is to help the majority of golfers:

Swing the driver faster
Launch the ball higher
Drive the ball farther
Improve accuracy
That is, admittedly, a tall order. Here’s how the Speed System engineers approached it.

The Design of Speed System Golf

First, some statistics.

The design team behind Speed System Golf determined that 90% of golfers swing their driver at a speed less than 100 miles per hour and achieve a carry distance of less than 255 yards. Looking at these stats, the engineers concluded that most drivers are heavier than necessary for the majority of golfers.

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