Srixon Z545 Driver Tested by 13 Handicapped Golfer

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Rick Shiels PGA says:

Srixon Z545 Driver Tested by 13 Handicapped Golfer

cliverkay says:

If Rob keeps hitting balls like that … 8 Handicap is nearer the truth !!

Klaus Buehler says:

Why are you not using regular shafts with that swing speed?

Ross Gillibrand says:

I would like to see Rob test some more fairway woods?

adrian martin says:

I’m 13 years old and I hit the Nike covert 250

fermentednugget nugget says:

it’s a good thing you don’t fit clubs lol

Mike Reiter says:

Good stuff love Robs input, and yours to Rick.

FSX CAM says:

SuperShickey1 I don’t take the bus I have a personal barber, obviously I
have more wealth than you. Also, he replied saying he would be happy to go
over my swing. (DICK HEAD)

Kane Dyer says:

Was always surprised why Rick didn’t put this one in the bag best ball he’s

metamurph says:

there is one flaw to the Srixon, RH only. I saw the new driver range last
year by one of their pros in the Champions Tour event I was volunteering at
and loved it, the look is very nice as are the acoustics

P-M Meiners says:

Good one Rob.

kf says:

Really enjoy watching Rob’s testing. His swing speed is very similar to
mine. I would like to try this club out and compare it to my trusty SLDR.
I do wonder why Rob his using a Stiff shaft and not a Regular shaft with
that swing speed. I game a Regular shaft since I don’t go past 95mph
unless it is during the Summer!

Ben Hoganblades says:

Love the reviews by Ted. Please keep having him do reviews. He gives us a
look at realistic results with everyday golfer numbers on GC2.

C.J. Ward says:

Great numbers Rob, can’t wait to see the Callaway’s tested.

Michael Cullen says:

Wouldnt mind seeing Rob test the Cobra Fly Z, same handicap as him so would
be good to see what he thinks of it

John Smith says:

Great video – good insight from multiple golfing “perspectives”

I do think that the “Offline” Numbers from your ball flight information is
incorrect. The average offline shots should be averaged with absolute
values, so 24,18,11,18,12 divided by 5. Not 24,-18,11,-18,12 divided by 5
giving the 2 yards offline which was shown. Doesn’t really matter though,
Rob had awesome numbers with this driver regardless of offline.

cwugrad396 says:

the irons are excellent … you should hit those as well

Golf Buddy says:

Wow that’s a light club at only 10.5 grams!

Paul Reuten says:

good hitting rob. your swing was better with this than the nike, see for
yourself. big season ahead for you Im guessing. how is the short game

Joe Simmons says:

10.5 grams? I think you meant degrees

Davide Ciccoritti says:

Good looking driver. Good looking swing :-)

ripyerballs says:

As always Rob great crac mate the way you were keeping yer hands on that
driver looks like you where taking her home to bed. Ha Ha.

Billy Smith says:

Didn’t know Gary Neville was so into golf. 

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