The #1 Selling Golf Clubs on Amazon… & I'm SHOCKED!

We all know that golf is super expensive, especially when it comes to golf clubs. With the latest in golf drivers starting at $500 and a complete set of Irons over $1500, it is so hard to figure out what to do when you are a seasoned player on a tight budget. In today’s video, we are taking the Callaway Strata, the best-rated golf club set on Amazon, out to the course to see if they are any good.

1️⃣ Callaway Strata –

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20 thoughts on “The #1 Selling Golf Clubs on Amazon… & I'm SHOCKED!

  1. The only thing I'll say is I have this set and I really like all the clubs but I'm ((((brand)))) new to playing golf and when I first took the clubs out to the range, I severely dented the bottom of the driver within 5 swings. It's my fault, I know I know, but I've swung my friend's Callaway Maverick a lot and my swings were just as bad and it did not even put a dimple in the bottom. The bright side is I called Callaway and no questions asked they sent me a refurbished Maverick ($250 driver) for free and I've since swung that thing a good 200 times and not a single dent or dimple from when I accidentally top the ball. At the end of the day, $400 for a set and bag is super nice and the irons feel nice enough. Would definitely recommend this set, even if the driver did dent. Callaway support is awesome

  2. I bought my ser at dicks for 500.00 with driver,3 wood 2 hybrids and 6 irons and putter,with bag. First set I bought since 1976. Love them. 69 yrs old and 10 handicap

  3. Just bought this set off Facebook for 150. Think I got a deal, What should I look clubs should I look for at thrift stores and flea markets to help fill out??

  4. This set is perfect other than the driver. The driver will fail considerably sooner than the other clubs.
    These club heads are bigger than average for a reason. It's meant for new players to get use to the game.

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