Stephen A: Tiger Woods Career is in Jeopardy

ESPN First Take's Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless discuss the recent news surrounding Tiger Woods withdrawing from the Arnold Palmer Invitational.

47 thoughts on “Stephen A: Tiger Woods Career is in Jeopardy

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  2. i feel sorry for him. i’m never going to be a golf guy, i know it takes
    talent and skill but it is very hard for me to view it as a sport. Much
    like bowling is not a sport or poker is not a sport. They are competitive
    and the men and women that play each to the highest levels all have my
    respect, but i just cannot look at golf like i do baseball or basketball. I
    never saw Nascar as a sport either for that matter.

  3. Cari annoys the shit out of me. All she does is make noises and she doesn’t
    know anything about sports unless its about “her lakers”. And even then she
    has nothing important to say. I’d rather they get an ugly old lady who
    actually knows sports to narrate and open up discussions as opposed to a
    pretty face who doesn’t know anything

  4. Tiger should retire, move to Vegas and buy expensive hookers for the rest
    of his life until he gets so old the Viagra doesn’t work anymore.

    He’s set the bar, now he can sit back and laugh as posers say he’s over.

    Come on Tiger.

    Start the Tiger Woods University of I Don’t Give a Flying Fxxx What You Got
    To Say

  5. DEF OF SPORT: an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an
    individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.

  6. Career in jeopardy? It’s golf, and you can enter, or not, take 5 years off
    and then go play on the senior circuit, or not. People play in their 80″s

  7. I disagree with Skip. Woods needs to practice and get his timing back. He
    needs to practice and needs the tournaments to get back on track. I highly
    doubt Woods will ever pass Jack. Woods era has ended a long time ago. I
    still would like to watch him because of the drama and he’s just a great
    player there’s no doubt about it. But he wont pass Jack he may win another
    major before it’s all said and done. But the Tiger of old has passed.

  8. Skip you are idiot. He won 5 last year could have won the Masters and
    British open. He won the Players which is tougher than the Masters and
    British Open. Tiger will win 5 more Masters for sure. It is the same venue
    he plays every year.

  9. Steven is right, there’s a lot of other good players that can beat Tiger.
    If his back isn’t in shape by the Masters, he has no chance to win. But I
    could be wrong. We’ll just have to wait and see…

  10. Tiger lost his mojo when he let himself be shamed into apologizing to the
    world for his sex life. He didn’t owe us that. It was none of our
    business. He should have said so and told everyone to kiss his ass.

  11. Last time he won a major feels like a decades go jeez i think he’s fucked
    up mentally over getting caught with the cheating scandal with his ex wife

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