Tiger Woods excites David Feherty at 1999 PGA Championship

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Jeff S says:

what’s all the excitement about? hitting a 2 iron from a perfect fairway
lie isn’t that hard for a pro. and drawing/fading with a low lofted club is
also pretty standard stuff..

billzbub says:

The excitement was slicing a ball that much with the ball above your feet
which makes you want to hook it. Perfect lie or not that shot is not easy.

ggentile146 says:

God himself can’t hit a 2 lol

Kyle Mc says:

Could I hit that shot with my driver or 3 wood… Me, 1/50 maybe 2Iron? Not
a chance in Hell!

GrandmasterN says:

I dont think I have ever seen anybody else pull of shots like that. I mean
Rory, Dustin, Scott Phill are all great great players, but I dont see them
hiiting these kind of shots! It was a slice’ing 2 iron from 265 of the
fairway… Yeah thats just crazy!!!

Benjamin Meit says:

insane shot

1 Step to Better Golf says:

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