Paige Spiranac Takes Golf To The Streets

When the course just isn't enough Paige Spiranac hits the streets of San Diego to show off her unique skills.

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21 thoughts on “Paige Spiranac Takes Golf To The Streets

  1. Ok guys!!
    Besides wearing a very short skirt and showing her breast, what results did she get on the tour?
    Oh! Right! She is not even on the LPGA Tour…

  2. Selling golf or selling profession as sexual object? She is a good looking woman. But, I can see how she could upset professional female athletes by demeaning their athleticism by degrading it with sexuality. Sort of like kissing into the wind.

  3. She can't complain about cyber bullying when she's prancing around making videos like this and hasn't won anything on the golf course. If this is all she has to offer then she's inviting all the bullshit. Haters gonna hate. I think she's fine as hell and don't give two shits about golf, so I don't care if she wins or not. I'm just glad she's there to look at.

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