TaylorMade RSi 1 Irons Tested by 13 Handicapped Golfer

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TaylorMade RSi 1 Irons Tested by 13 Handicapped Golfer
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Kieran Johnson says:

Looking forward to hearing +Vici Martynov views about lofts….

Rick Shiels PGA says:

TaylorMade RSi 1 Irons Tested by 13 Handicapped Golfer Rob Potter!

See what happens if Mis-Hits happen! 

Michael Rolton says:

What a nice video, from a nice man, on a nice day, where he reviewed some
nice RSi irons with his nice guru. Nice work Rob. I just wish you could
cruise it like that on the course.

G Cocco says:

Rick, I’m fairly new to serious golf and hoping to get custom fit right
after I limber up. Your tester previously averaged 135yds/7 iron and he was
swinging stiff flex shafts, *(if I heard correctly). Last season I received
a hand-me-down set of Blue Dot PING G5 irons 4-PW, Ping issued Regular
Graphite shafts. My ‘easy’ 7 Iron is 150 and I’ve pushed it to 180. *(My 7
has always been my ‘go to club’ when I need a straight line guarantee.
Would you suggest I swing a stiff shaft or is more info need when I get
fitted? I appreciate and respect your opinion. Keep up the good work and
THANK YOU from Philadelphia, PA…Over the pond.

Ben Crinion says:

Go on then Rick. Why is Rob not getting it out there further? It sounded
like his club head speed was good enough for more than 135 from a 7 iron.

lethomadness says:

this is silly?
not just just hit a 6 or 5 iron insted of a 7? when u get down to a 3 iron
you will never get it of the ground 

Martin Moore says:

Great video. Love Robs reviews. 

jbil8802 says:

The number on the bottom of the iron is irrelevant. There are no standards.
Like you Rob, I’m a 13 hcp. I just got fitted for a set of Mizuno MP-54s.
My 7 iron is 34* and 36.75″ in length. The RSI 1 7 iron is 30.5* and 37″ in
length. The bottom line is your irons should work for your game. I like the
more traditional lofts of the Mizunos as they give me more options from 150
yards and in which 80% of my approach shots are. In your situation, the RSI
irons are arguably better suited for you since you already have plenty of
options from 150 and in and likely would benefit more from improvements in
the top end of your bag. If you know how far you hit each club and have
good gapping with them between your wedges and hybrids then that’s all that
really matters. Great job on the review. Always a fan of your honesty.
Hopefully we can both get down to single digits this year.

C Rennehan says:

Any relation made between spin and distance here? Appears to be very low
spin for a 7i. 

Caolán Murphy says:

nothing to do with the video put and tips or advice on going into a
tournament??? thanks!

Stephen Jordan says:

Who cares how long it goes if you dont hit the green. Rob is hitting this
thing solid distances and straight. If you can do that and like the look
what else is there. 

MurphySG24 says:

Rick, I wouldn’t blame the punishment of a fat shot on the iron, no
technology can make a fat shot more forgiving.

Andy Yeomans says:

Rob has a very similar swing speed to me, and carries a 7 iron an almost
identical distance to me but there is no way I would use a stiff flex.
Indeed, I have graphite shafts in all my clubs. 

John White says:

Didn’t Rob hit longer carries with the new Big Bertha irons? Could be just
swinging better on different days as we all do?

oskarfahlstrom says:

I feel a bit responsible for the whole Hogan-loft debacle…

metamurph says:

what bothers me about loft is it starts screwing the ends: wedges and

Ben Hoganblades says:

Is this the same guy with the ZZ Top beard that tested drivers? Keep it
up. He’s a natural!

Iain M says:

I don’t think the loft is an issue as long as you get the correct launch
angle to maximise your distance 

Jordan Bell says:

Callaway XR irons arte long! Try them dobby!

invisaman75 says:

Couldn’t Rob possible gain more yardage with a regular or softer flex?

deepestandy says:

‘Thought of my ex and hit it fat’ …Thug life!

Spencer Clark says:

What shoes are you wearing Rick?

Trent Lee says:

how tall is rob?

doublet91 says:

Let’s see what boron does…

tadesse mekonnen says:

I like this guy lol

Teamtempo82 says:

Can’t argue with the consistency Rob is getting

shirzotv says:

i love all your videos Rick, and the ones with Rob are a joy to watch!!!!

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