This video was filmed following Chris' 4 day Golf School at PGA Catalunya in Spain where there were a number of golfers with the same issues causing them to have problems from the tee.

This video covers both the concept of what should happen, along with a drill that can help you transfer this new skill to the course.

Get the release correct with the driver and it can lead to longer and straighter tee shots



Galvin Green

Golf Poser


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  1. I’ve always sliced it with a driver and as commented before it’s not from an out to in path. Also I’m not trying to hold lag at all but I am doing what Chris talks about just by swinging hard with the hands and the club just drags behind. How to position the handle before contact is a massive eureka moment for me and I now know where the problem was.

  2. Great tip! I find it to be such hard work to release the driver shaft so I think it comes from me dragging the handle and then its too late to release it properly. And ball starts right and stay right.

  3. This made it click for me. Couldn't understand why it felt like I was holding on. Great drill! Much more speed and the club face just squares up now.

  4. I dont think you should try and control when to release the club. The club releases automatically when the body stops turning. What helped me was having my feet more square. Flaring my front foot open was causing too much body rotation and a late release. Also putting the ball more forward in your stance helps not having so much shaft lean at impact.

  5. Chalk one up to me for self diagnosing this issue, took a while to figure out this was my problem. Hopefully chalk one up to you for showing me how to fix it…

  6. I will join the others below who benefited from this sage advice. Can this thought be applied to your iron swing? As always appreciate your approach to golf instructions for players at all levels, Tom

  7. Excellent video, been looking for a drill to help me release the driver earlier and not hold on to lag. Will this affect my iron swing in terms of possibly developing the habit of casting amd not having the handle forward on impact?

  8. Just by doing this release my average launch angle has gone from minus 2 degrees to plus 14 degrees! I now hit it longer and straighter, just amazing tip!!

  9. Finally!! This is exactly my problem, all other slice videos talk about over the top out to in but i know i dont do that, but i do lead with my hands almost like a cricket bat swing. But now i understand that i am holding the lag! I have tried rolling the wrists and all sorts. I will try these tips. THANK YOU!!!

  10. Great video. Had a lesson yesterday and I slice the ball and in the video I was doing exactly what Chris is demonstrating. I tried in the lesson to stop it but struggled. I’ll try the drill. I guess the feel is the right hand must snap down.

  11. I could watch these tips all day, Chris Ryan! They all seem to highlight things I think I should try (and can't afford to pay a pro for lessons to fix!) and really make it look straightforward and easy.

    I was looking at a video of my swing and notice my club face is open and pointing to the sky at the top. Perhaps I am trying to bow my wrist as I set my wrists. I have a fairly strong three-knuckle-visible grip at address with Vs pointing to my right shoulder, so I must be making some compensation at imoact and think I could be trying to open my hips and shoulders to quickly to gain power (yet still tend to push to left or slice with the ball inside my left toe…) Anyway, thanks for another simple drill to experiment with!

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