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Philip Rouse says:

Fleshy meat pad

Daniel Brooks says:

You SIR are awesome! You have change my game for the better! I’ve spent the last couple of weeks letting the club head over take my hands at impact and my slice is gone and I’m now hitting a small draw or fade. Thank you so much for the video’s and all your funny on course blogs with Coach and Ray.

210corona says:

Jack nicklaus said the opposite

Jason Waller says:

Mmmm fleshy meat pad

Kenny R. says:

I slice all the time, I sure will try this, thanks 👍🏼

paul shaw says:

Thank you so much Mark. Tried your tip today, not only did the fix my slice, I even gained an extra 30 yards distance from my driver. Cheers

Joe Nemo says:

Great instructional video, but if I could provide some constructive feedback Youtube would truly appreciate it if you could keep it under 15 seconds next time. 🙂
#shorts #smh

Rudiger Simpson says:

I still slice 🔪

Barry Emery says:

Will check this next week, hopefully in the sunshine @ Golf del Sur

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