What Driver Loft Should You Play? Impact of Driver Loft On Distance And Accuracy

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One of the most important discussions in a driver fitting is what driver loft a golfer should be playing. Each 2nd Swing fitter understands how much a slight tweak to the driver loft can impact performance. Most manufacturers offer multiple loft options for each driver model so that golfers can choose the appropriate driver loft for their swing.

In this video, 2nd Swing master fitter Thomas Campbell puts driver loft to the test using Trackman technology, hitting tee shots with three different lofts to identify the differences in the data.

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JZM says:

Thanks for sharing im learning sooo much! I appreciate all of your content.

mike jones says:

Love the slow takeaway, great swing

Mac Daddy says:

How would i be able to get my 10.5 degree loft driver down to maybe a 5 degree loft or even 7.5?

Mr PooPooHead says:

so in general, if I am a new golfer and using a 12 degree loft, I can slightly change my stance and feet positioning to get the shot grouping more toward the center without changing my swing?

mteske1 says:

Seems like a 9.5* would be ideal for you. Haha

Jay Morin says:

Test someone with a 90MPH swing and make this more of a real world scenario.

Chalmer Elkins says:

I wonder why the new Callaway rogue 2022 is a 9°

Skyler Cutsforth says:

Why would loft affect the way your turn over the club face at impact? Is there a different swing needed for different lofts, though swinging at same club head speed?

JW Friend says:

Great video. Answered my questions perfectly. Thanks

Warren V. says:

Great video! I am getting fitted tomorrow for a driver and this is definitely helpful when considering the loft angle. Appreciate it Tom.

Alfred Forns says:

Excellent review, helped a lot !!!

Alps P says:

Wow great video I was thinking loft down get that extra distance, roll etc but think after this I’ll stick to the 10.5 😊

none of my business says:

The draw/fade bias with respect to loft is interesting. Thanks for the video

Deadly Mantis says:

6:10 More loft closes the face. Less loft opens the face.
Not surprised you had a more square face with the increased loft…..

Spud Hunter says:

The problem with this test was only hitting up on driver. Not everyone does that. I could see a 12 deg being better if you don’t hit up on it.

T 2 says:

Very good video and plain english explanation, well done.

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