Swing Caddie SC 200 vs Swing Caddie SC 300 – Which One is Better?

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In this video I compare the Swing Caddie sc200 vs the Swing Caddie sc300. Which golf launch monitor is better determining swing speed, distance, and even pitching the golf ball? Both models are affordable portable golf launch monitors that offer doppler radar technology to determine your golf stats. Be sure to check out the discount links below for both products.

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gregory bright says:

The only thing I wish my SC300 had is a place to put notes for each days practice. RE: wind direction, weather, etc.

TheOgieone says:

Fantastic comparison/review!

jw228w says:

great video
matt or anybody,does this device measure ball flight too, or just club head speed based on club selection?

Joe jeans says:

Mevo or sc 300? what would you buy ? if I could afford a trackman I would. or even a GC quad.

Gideon says:

Just a few more generations of phones and the shutter speed will be so fast that we will be able to use them for this.

roadstarS07 says:

I wonder if it works with Birdi Ball?

Stefan G. says:

Thanks, but stay away from the white powder

James Tepedino says:

The net setup doesn’t show slice or hook and the sc300 won’t tell you either. Isn’t more important to learn how to hit straight. Matt what do recommend as the best practice environment

Fred Howie says:

Little Dave has both!

Jada Mane says:

The sc200 runs out of batteries quickly I’m not sure about the 300 but I know it has a rechargeable battery which I feel is great and sc200 you can reset your shots recordings accidentally with ease. Which isn’t good how the buttons are set up on the side of it

brandon909able says:

Why didn’t he just put up a stick and gun it from the tee?

John S says:

Can I use "Almost golf balls" hitting into a net with these monitors ?

AJG JR says:

How is it speaking the distance right after you hit the ball. ?? The ball hasn’t landed yet ???

Enlightened ☀️ says:

Price wins this.

Kun Moon says:

This review is quite helpful for me. Now I know what's the difference between them. Thank you.

Leland Hopkins says:

SC200 tou can reset all info…..start over…..All you got to do now is show us how to make a range book to carry in our back pocket

Grant Peeples says:

Curious to see an update on your time with it. I made the purchase 3 months ago and regret it. It’s just not accurate. Even though I hate looking at data on my cell phone in the sunlight, I think the Mevo is a better, overall product. S.C. customer service is terrible as well. No answers to my questions

Andrew Quinn says:

Thanks for the info! Very informative

Doug Anderson says:

I wonder how accurate this test is. Both units use doppler radar which sends out radio waves and measures the time it takes for the wave to bounce back and also the wave-length. As both units are sending out radio waves simultaneously, I would think that they may interfere with each other. Perhaps they use different frequencies so this is not a problem??

CCLLC says:

Great review. At 9:28 was what I was really looking for.
Thank for taking the time out of your day to do this review. I'm sold.

Jason Nortwich says:

Dude, your videos, content, comparisons, and thoroughness are top notch! Keep this quality up!

rivahkillah says:

Duhhhhh, 300 > 200.

JK, thanks for the review.

DL says:

Do you have any idea when they will have the Android app available?

Andrew Kruzienski says:

Does the 300 store your data so you can track your numbers over time,?

Bob Felts says:

I have the SC200 and love it. And one thing to note is that the manual says it does not track shots less than 30 yards, so it was never designed for measuring chipping or short pitch shots. I found it not accurate below 40 yards, but great beyond that. You can't really complain about the unit not doing what it never claimed it would do.

Andrew Martinez says:

The discount code link for the sc300 isn’t working

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