17 thoughts on “Swing It Like Rory McIlroy Golf Lesson Back Swing

  1. PGA is Professional Golf Association. Not everyone in the PGA has a tour
    card, thats the point of golf having a cut line. When prepping for golf
    tournaments there are hundreds of golfers around the world trying to “make
    the cut”… obviously all of them don’t. The big names we all know and
    love, McIlroy, Mickelson, McDowell, Furyk etc. are PGA members who often
    make the cut.Mr Crossfield may well play in the PGA but not make the cut
    for as many tournaments as those individuals.

  2. mark, my father struggles with keeping his club in line with the target on
    the back swing. He is on line until the very last second when only the the
    club head crosses over. to help you out, at the top the club is aimed fro a
    massive push. because he is coming over the top I you would assume that he
    hits fades but he manages to consistently draw the golf ball. Do you have
    any tips to help him get his club online and hit straighter golf shots?
    Thank you and keep the helpful vids coming.

  3. so…if he’s part of the PGA…what does the P stand for? He’s a golf pro,
    not a touring pro. there’s a difference, but both are pros. one teaches for
    a living, one plays for a living.

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